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Bitcoin for Dummies

December 22, 2017

What Is Bitcoin In Simple Terms?

Everyone is talking about bitcoins these days but few people fully understand how this thing works. The following article is a succinct explanation of bitcoins for a dummy. New User’s Guide A new user does not necessarily have to be familiar with all the technical peculiarities of Bitcoin system to start using the currency. In...

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A list of topics for essay about health

Tags: , , December 8, 2017

Interesting Topics for Writing an Essay about Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are something every one of us is concerned with. That’s why writing essays on these topics is a very common practice. You don’t have to be a medical student or a future doctor to write about health because in most cases this subject has little to do with the sciences of health...

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Choose the Best Application Essay Topics

Tags: , , December 1, 2017

What to Write in College Application Essay

Almost every person applying to college faces the challenge of writing an application essay. Before you even start writing, you first need to decide what to write about. And that’s a major difficulty because you want to find a topic that is both interesting for the admissions officers and shows your personality. To help you...

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bright and dark sides of smartphones

Tags: , November 24, 2017

Ways to Use Your Smartphone During School

Before the smartphones, there was another world and it was better. Too bad we can’t really remember it now. Tell a teenager that his parents were growing without a smartphone and you will see a very funny impression on his face. Nowadays smartphones are everywhere and almost everyone owns it. More than 85% of people...

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