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Tag: happiness

what is generosity

Tags: , , October 6, 2017

How to Become Generous

Being generous is people’s second nature. Really, we are social species who like to help each other and live in harmony. Unfortunately, not all people are following the idea of generosity. However, most of the people I know wish to give more as they currently can. For this reason, below, we listed a couple of...

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tips to become better

Tags: , , August 29, 2017

Rules of Psychology to Live a Better Life

During our lifetime, the wind of changes alters our perceptions and standpoints making us completely or partially different from whom we were or will be. Some become wiser and more experienced learning on own mistakes, others try making rational conclusions after reading a book, listening to an inspiring speech or taking into consideration someone’s pieces...

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stay healthy and motivated

Tags: , May 23, 2017

Strategies to Become Happy and Motivated

We all want to stay happy and motivated all the time. However, there are times when it seems like a huge effort. Sometimes, I want to be cheerful and peppy, but I just am not. Here are some pieces of advice that assist me staying optimistic when I have some problems. Accept Your Journey Whether...

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help others to be happy

Tags: , April 7, 2017

Reasons Why Helping Others Makes Us Happy

Once, a sincere appreciation of a little girl whom I had inspired for further studying made me think over some triggers in life that really make us happy. They are not about being idealistic or too touched; they are among the number of the ways that do make people feel better. Healthy relationships between people...

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