How to Become a Successful Student without Studying Harder

You’ve probably heard your teacher saying that each student can be successful a million times. However, all your efforts haven’t brought desired results. Perhaps, you’ve tried to study harder, but have you studied smarter? This old saying is more than cliché. Applying this approach can help you to become a productive student. Leave cramming all nights long in your past. From now on you will make good marks without so many efforts. You can develop effective studying skills with these pieces of advice. Let’s start studying smart.

Make studying plan at the start of semester

Effective time management is the first key to successful studying. You need to be ready to handle all the tasks and courses you may have during the semester. Create a plan where you will note all the necessary information as instructions, classes’ descriptions, finals dates, etc. The earlier you plan everything; the more time you will have to complete all assignments.

Effective note taking

The information you hear during classes contains the most important points and ideas of the whole course. What’s even more, this information most likely will be included on the tests. Thus, you need to take good notes to be capable of recalling information from lectures. You can write faster if you use abbreviations and symbols for the keywords and ideas. Try to read your notes right after lecture. Such reviewing will increase your chances to remember the central concepts of the course.

Use new technologies

Nowadays technologies can be very helpful while studying. It is better to say that technologies will allow you to study smarter. Here’s short list of applications that will increase your productivity.

  • Evernote. This application was designed to make note taking easier. Your note can be a formatted or handwritten text, an Internet page or photo. You can sort your files into folders, add different tags and share your notes across other devices.
  • Quizlet. This application is just amazing! Quizlet allows you to learn new words in the most comfortable modes. You can create your own wordlist or just look through exciting. The wordlists base is enormous! Also, you can choose learning methods which include: learn/speller mode, flashcards, test, space rate and scatter.
  • Dropbox or Google Drive. These applications are the best when it comes to saving and sharing documents with other students. Several people can change files in online mode at the same time, so working on a group project won’t be a problem anymore!

Do not be afraid of your teachers or professors

If you have some problems or misunderstandings during the course, do not panic. Everyone has been there, and professors are totally OK with this if you try to fill in the blanks. So feel free to ask your teacher for help or clarification.

Why study harder if you can use these smart studying tips and achieve success? Hope our pieces of advice will help you to become a productive student.
Good luck out there!