Additional Writing Services

Additional Writing Services

Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery stands on the list of the most popular additional services that our company provides. It allows clients to manage long papers (especially dissertations and term papers that are more than 10 single-spaced pages and more than 20 double-spaced pages in length.

Pros of This Service:

  1. You can monitor the whole writing process and be sure that the paper is written throughout the time given and not just one night before the deadline. How? You will receive your paper in sections before the deadline. Moreover, you will be able to control whether the writer understands what is needed in the assignment. In any case, you will be able to send comments for your paper improvement.
  2. You will be granted 30 days to be able to send revisions. Note that the regular time given for revisions is 2 days after the deadline expiration.
  3. Your paper will be paid special attention to. Only the most experienced professionals hired by our company will work on your paper.
  4. A personal manager will cooperate with you – you will get assistance in the process of communication with the writer or with any other questions or issues that you will encounter.

How you will receive drafts:

  1. You will receive one draft containing 25% of the required text if you give 4 days or even less for the writer to submit the paper. It will be delivered to you after 50% of the deadline is over.
  2. You will receive two drafts containing 25% and 50% of text respectively if you provide the writer with 5-11 days for writing your paper. The drafts will be delivered after 25% and 50% of the deadline passes.
  3. You will get three drafts containing 25%, 50%, and 75% of the demanded paper content that will be sent to you respectively after 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline passes. Three drafts will be provided when you give at least 12 days for paper writing.

*This option is not free and is not included in the total payment either. You need to pay 15% additionally.

There is an opportunity for you to make some modifications to the generally accepted plan of receiving drafts. If they are related to some specific paper requirements or if you have some valid reasons to suggest some modifications, then you can talk with your personal manager to come to a mutual agreement on this issue.


A paper summary is also an additional service, wherein you get the whole paper summarized succinctly in one page (=300 words). In case you need to make a report in front of the public, professors, or admission committee, this service will be especially beneficial to you.


When you order draft service, you will receive a part of the paper that fits into one page (300 or 600 words depending on whether the spacing is double or single). According to the rules, you will receive your draft paper after 50% of the deadline expiration.

Extended Revision

The option of extended revision allows you to send revision requests 14 days after the order deadline expiry. Instead of the regular 48 hours given to you for revisions, this option seems more attractive for any customer.