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Working on a research paper can be compared to exhausting elbow grease. It differs from writing a descriptive essay, a creative poem, or an opinion essay. A research assignment implies taking a lot of stages: selecting a good topic, identification of a thesis, and following the protocol of research. Consequently, writing makes a quantum leap and is expected to be top-notch and almost professional even for inexperienced writers. So, why not consider the option of getting rid of all the troubles and buy a research paper from a good online service? Even those writers who are a dab hand on research need a lot of time, energy, and effort to produce an impressive piece of writing, so it sounds reasonable to trust them in that.

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Check our Research Paper Samples

  1. The Importance of Market
  2. Transformation of Normality and Abnormality
  3. The Correlation of Drugs, Money, Media, and Advertising
  4. Sport and Media Nexus
  5. Roles of Post-WWII Women in Italian Cinema

How to Write Research Paper?

The first thoughts that come to a student’s mind when they hear ‘research paper’ are stacks of peer-reviewed articles in dusty libraries, hours of online research in scholarly databases, citations, formatting, and so on. It is true that research paper writing involves a lot of reading and analysis. However, a well-written research paper is much more than a mere complication of someone else’s ideas because it must include a good deal of original thoughts. Having performed a careful literature review, a student is expected to synthesize the new material and generate some new ideas, produce some arguments, and support them with solid evidence.

This process is similar to what a lawyer does when working on a case – reads a bunch of similar cases and uses them to support their own decision. Similarly, a scientist draws on the existent body of evidence to support their new theories or hypotheses. A student who writes a paper in history reads newspaper articles on the topic in order to develop a new viewpoint.

A research paper is like a long essay in which you explain your interpretation of a topic in detail. When you write an essay, you use your own experience to illustrate an idea. When you write a research paper, you do not simply explain the topic based on your individual experience but also refer to the findings of experts in an attempt to support your viewpoint. Writing a research paper means surveying the field of your interest to find the most suitable and reliable information and include it in the body of evidence. You can use a well-written research paper sample to learn about the workable ways to integrate evidence into your own paper.

A good research paper example is simply indispensable because with its help you will follow a well-trodden path and will develop a thesis statement/hypothesis more easily. You will also know how to cite your sources correctly, which outline to use, etc.

How to Do Research Correctly

Although students are predominantly concerned about the writing process, research is equally important for someone who wants to receive a good grade.

In particular, research is helpful because it helps students to:
  • Broaden their knowledge of the subject area
  • Formulate new ideas
  • Create a strong thesis statement
  • Make their thoughts sound more credible
Below are some of the best resources for doing research:
  • Google Scholar
  • Encyclopedias and almanacs (online and printed)
  • Academic databases
  • Scholarly books and articles
  • Government publications
  • Articles on the websites of professional organizations

Remember to take notes as you read. Besides, keep track of the reference materials so it is easier for you to document the bibliography later. Experts recommend reading guides to understand the basic principles of referencing information. Alternatively, students can consult their on-campus writing lab centers.

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Draw Up an Outline

The following questions will help you stay on track:
  • What is a Research paper?
  • Which topic do I pick?
  • Which of the background material is the most relevant to the topic?
  • Does the information I include support my thesis statement?
  • Does the way I organize information to contribute to clarity?

Create Introduction

Make sure the introductory paragraph does the following:
  • Provides the context
  • Defines the key terms and concepts
  • Highlights the main focus of the paper
  • Outlines the paper organization

Working on the Main Body

  • Try to follow the outline you created earlier
  • Organize your paper around the points you would like to male rather than around the sources you read
  • Intergrade the evidence
  • Instead of reporting someone else’s research, summarize, explain, and evaluate it.
  • Move from general information to more specific claims.

Wrap Up Your Discussion by Including a Conclusion

  • The conclusion is also an opportunity to explain your argument to the readers once again, especially if the topic is complex.
  • The last paragraph of the paper can also be used to explain the significance of your research, especially if this has not been done earlier.
  • Move from a detailed level of consideration to the general one. In other words, return to the context provided in the introduction.
  • Discuss further research options if applicable.

Research Paper Topics by Categories

The number of topics students can choose for their research papers is endless. In particular, you can choose to form the categories listed below.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

In an argumentative essay, a writer has to argue for or against certain ideas. The arguments have to be supported with evidence.

Some of the examples of the good topics include:
  1. Possible areas of misunderstanding in sports.
  2. Will an increase in the minimum wage rate make your country more prosperous?
  3. Who is to blame for homelessness?
  4. Will shorter working weeks make workers more effective?
  5. Was the decision to abolish corporal punishment justified?
  6. What is the ideal age to begin alcohol consumption?

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

The authors of persuasive papers face a complex task: to convince skeptical readers that the point of view discussed in the essay is correct. In other words, this is your task to move from the readers from the state of unbelief to belief. The most effective way to achieve this is to use the appeal to their emotions. For example, convincing people that coffee is not good for their health is not an easy task but it is achievable if you possess considerable rhetorical influence.

Some of the persuasive essay topic examples are:
  1. Testing drugs on animals is wrong.
  2. Parents should control what their children read on websites.
  3. Domestic gender violence is rising despite feminist movements.
  4. Parental control does not prevent children from negative media influence.
  5. Cybercrime rates will increase if people do not start teaching media literacy at schools.
  6. America should refrain from involvement in conflicts between other countries.

Controversial Topics for Research Papers

The following topics will be suitable if you are to write an essay for readers who like controversy:
  1. Gay partners and child upbringing.
  2. Compensation for surrogate mothers.
  3. The right age to start sex education.
  4. Does homework help learn a subject better?

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