5 Important Health Benefits of Meat

Veganism has become quite popular recently, and not without reasons. Many people have deep ethical concerns connected to eating meat and they deserve the utmost respect for following their convictions. However, others prefer a purely plant based diet for the health reason. If that is the case for you, I have to say that such a position is highly questionable. Meat has numerous health benefits, and unless you are very careful, depriving yourself of it may have consequences. Here are several things one should consider before excluding animal products from their diet.

Reasons to eat meat:

  1. Meat consumption is our evolutionary prerogative
    Before we could enjoy the vestiges of civilization, humans were omnivores. Our bodies are the proof. Everything from our teeth to the digestive system is designed to deal with a mixed diet of meat, fruit, and vegetables. Interestingly, people in primeval societies did not suffer from any diseases connected to incorrect nutrition, such as obesity and diabetes. Of course, this was largely due to the high mortality rates, but choosing food according to one’s instincts was a contributing factor too.
  2. Naturally regulated blood sugar
    Meat contains protein and fat, both of which are essential in keeping the stable blood sugar level. This serves many purposes: your energy distribution is more even, you feel less hungry, and, most importantly, the risk of getting diabetes or untreatable diseases reduces. So, if you are planning to reduce your sugar intake, try eating meat instead!
  3. Meats provides your body with essential compounds
    One of the strangest nutrition myths, I have ever heard, is that meat does not contain the minerals and vitamins, which our bodies require. This cannot be any further from the truth. First and foremost, meat is a source of protein that helps you grow muscles and keep energy levels high. Second, meat contains anything from iron and zinc to creatine and other elements, all of which are necessary for you to function properly.
  4. Animal and plant proteins are not the same
    If one were to bring up the dangers of excluding meat in a mixed company, vegans would likely point out that it is easy to find the needed compounds in vegetables and grain. After all, plants have protein too. The issue is that not all proteins are equal. For example, the amino acids that are essential to our body neurotransmitters are provided only by meat protein. If neurotransmitters do not work properly, it may lead to anxiety, sleep cycle and weight issues, and even depression.
  5. Meat energizes us as nothing else can
    Meat protein provides us with sustained energy that can last surprisingly long. It stimulates the orexin cells that are responsible for wakefulness and distribution of energy. It has been proven that incorrect functioning of these cells causes narcolepsy.

So, before excluding meat and joining a trendy movement, think about all the health benefits you will have to give up. Besides, meat is too tasty to abandon it!