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Tips for Students: How to be Successful

Tags: , , September 1, 2017

Tips for Students: How to be Successful in Academic Achievements

The scariest goal of all college freshers is to maintain good grades throughout the whole college year. For many students, it has proven to be challenging and the tendency speaks for itself: the most diligent and hard-working students are in the first semester. Later they become more worn-out and simply tired of studying. However, with...

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Reasons to Skip Class

Tags: , , August 11, 2017

Reasons to Skip Class: When should you skip class?

Of course, teachers do not recommend skipping class, but sometimes the benefits of skipped class are greater than the class itself. So, now we’re going to give you some good reasons to skip class and some bad ones.  Good Reasons to Miss Class Sacrifice for a greater purpose Let’s say it’s Thursday and you have...

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How to Become a Successful Student Without Studying Harder

Tags: , , , November 11, 2016

How to Become a Successful Student without Studying Harder

You’ve probably heard your teacher saying that each student can be successful a million times. However, all your efforts haven’t brought desired results. Perhaps, you’ve tried to study harder, but have you studied smarter? This old saying is more than cliché. Applying this approach can help you to become a productive student. Leave cramming all...

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