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What Is a Case Brief

Students taking legal courses frequently receive assignments to write case briefs. Tutors like this paper type because it helps learners gain insight into legal matters and the peculiarities of the criminal justice system and apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. However, more often than not, students eschew all sorts of writing assignments, including case briefs. the reasons for this are obvious: they do not have time for such tasks, they hate writing, or they simply do not know how to write a case brief. Nevertheless, if you have chosen legal studies, you should understand how the law works and be able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each case as well as train your practical skills.

If you do not know where to start, read some case brief samples written by professional writers. There is a lot of such papers online and you can even download a free case brief sample. Study such papers and note the strategies the writer used to approach the case. Besides, you can use some guidelines from qualified legal experts. Usually, professional websites provide such guidelines for free. At the same time, remember that although the internet offers a huge amount of useful information, you have to be careful when using it, especially if you are a novice in this sphere. If you have even the slightest doubt about the quality of the material you found, it is better to purchase help with a case brief lest you jeopardize your grade and reputation.

The Basic Sections of the Case Brief and their Structure

Depending on the instructions and the length of the assigned case, your case brief might be either long or short.

A typical case brief has the following components:

  • Title and Citation

Copy the title that has been provided. The opposing groups might include a plaintiff (civil) or government (criminal). The citation is necessary because it helps find the case reporter. If there is no citation in the original case, locate it online by using its title.

  • Details about the Case

In this section, summarize the main facts and legal points from the case. In particular, you should list the reasons behind the action, the parties, mention if this is an appeal case, discuss the results of the proceedings in the lower courts, such as conviction of the defendant, etc.

  • Issues

The court usually clearly outlines the legal questions that are associated with the case. Remember that in some instances, the judges might misstate the issues that the parties brought as well as incorrectly state the opinions of the lower courts.

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Note that some constitutional cases are based on several issues, and while some of these issues might be relevant only to the lawyer and the parties, others have a straightforward influence on society at large. In your case brief, you are expected to include both.

Except for some rare cases, the outcome depends on how the judges interpret the laws, judicial doctrine, and/or constitution. This information should also be included. Provide it in the quotation marks and underline it. This way it will be easier to find it when you have to study conflicting cases.

Experts recommend using ‘yes/no’ questions to discuss the points. This strategy is useful as it helps avoid ambiguity, although it takes some time to construct questions properly and decide on the essence of the case.

  • Decisions

These are the outcomes of the case, i.e. how the court responds to the legal issues the parties brought up. This also includes the way the court interprets the case. Sometimes a court provides a short holding, although it is also typical for them to provide a more detailed and comprehensive response. The latter is more common for cases that involve interpreting US Constitution or state laws. The holding can take the form of simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ provided that the issues were framed succinctly. Similarly, short briefings are typical if the language used in the court is not English.

  • Reasoning

When announcing the verdict, the majority offers the justification for their decision. Organize these points in short paragraphs or numbered sentences.

  • Concurring/Dissenting Opinions

Judges can state majority, concurring, or dissenting opinion. Whatever the opinion, you should understand the nature of the decision and how each participant chose to vote. This information might help predict their future decisions.

  • Analysis

This is the final section, in which the writer has to share some deeper insight into the case. For example, discuss its importance, connection to other cases, say whether you think the decision is wrong, etc.

How to Write a Brilliant Case Brief: Tips form Experts

  • Collect the information that is essential for understanding the case. Include the argumentation and evidence.
  • Note down the facts and ideas that might be useful as you write the first draft. At this point, it is also important to include the citations so you do not have to waste time on additional search later.
  • Identify the major issues and transform them into questions. As it was mentioned earlier, ‘yes/no’ questions are preferable.
  • Include ample explanation in your brief. For example, you might provide a brief description of the reasons behind the court’s decision.
  • Remember that the way you will present the case to the class also matters, so think about how you will explain its relevance to the course. Similarly, be sure to justify the choice of the case as far as your assignment is concerned.
  • If you have some questions as you examine the legal case, note them down. They will prove particularly useful during class discussions.

This information should be enough to prepare a well-organized case but if you face some difficulties, remember that you can purchase help with a case brief from our company. Simply say, ‘Write my case brief for me’ and we will start working on your order immediately.