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Rules of Psychology to Live a Life Better

Tags: , , August 29, 2017

Rules of Psychology to Live a Better Life

During our lifetime, the wind of changes alters our perceptions and standpoints making us completely or partially different from whom we were or will be. Some become wiser and more experienced learning on own mistakes, others try making rational conclusions after reading a book, listening to an inspiring speech or taking into consideration someone’s pieces...

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Ways to Build Self Confidence

Tags: , April 11, 2017

Ways to Build Self-Confidence

It’s a well-known fact that many of us feel the lack of confidence in some areas of our life. Lots of people have restricting beliefs regarding their personality. These beliefs can cause quite many problems concerning confidence. Yes, you might know a certain subject inside out, but you may be less confident in other spheres...

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The Advantages of Being Honest

Tags: , , March 21, 2017

The Advantages of Being Honest You Will Benefit From

There are different thoughts on honesty. Some people think it may ruin their lives and argue that white lies are always more beneficial. I belong to the category of people who are convinced that honesty is the best foundation for a happy life. Today I am going to prove that truth and honesty bring a...

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Learning How to Speak Up in Class

Tags: , , , November 4, 2016

Learning How to Speak Up in Class

Unfortunately, many students suffer from anxiety when it comes to public speaking. It may be the result of low self-esteem, shyness, or simply not knowing the material. You may think that it is fine to avoid speaking up in class; however, it may negatively influence your GPA and reputation in college. Also, many students and...

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