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Proofreading makes perfect every paper. Effective proofreading is crucial if you want to submit a well-written academic paper of premium quality. When done thoroughly, diligently, and under scrutiny, proofreading makes perfect any document. Actually, there is a striking difference between a paper that has been carefully proofread and the one that has not been. The key purpose of proofreading the paper is to make sure the central message is clear and understandable to the target audience. You should always proofread papers even if you are one of those college students who find this post-writing stage unnecessary. No high-quality college papers will be approved by professors unless they are correctly proofread.

Is It Possible to Hand in the Paper without Proofreading?

Theoretically, it is possible of course, but do you really want your readers go bananas? Even unprofessional readers will notice major (and minor) paper flaws, grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, typos, as well as misspelled words. It is doubtful that a writer wants his/ her readers feel like editors who underline the mistakes and then wonder how one could make them.

Luckily, with different types of software available nowadays, it might become a bit easier to spot mistakes in your documents. For example, with the help of Microsoft Word program for checking grammar, you can spot misplaced modifiers, errors in punctuation or wrongly spelled words. Still, the program is not 100% reliable and much of the work should be done on your own. In particular, you cannot rely on such programs when you need to double-check sentence structures, monitor whether you have logical consistency throughout your paper, and check whether there are enough transitions between ideas and paragraphs.

If you are not good at grammar, punctuation, and paper organization and ideas development, then it would be a great idea to seek help from professional proofreaders. You are really fortunate because our company provides proofreading services provided by experienced professional editors. We guarantee that your paper will be perfectly brushed up and no mistake will be left unnoticed.

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Simple Proofreading Tips

  1. Before focusing on the proofreading process, read the paper slowly and focus on each sentence and paragraph to make sure the central idea is clear. Keep a close eye on those ideas, sentences or expressions that seem confusing or complicated to understand. Think how you can paraphrase them in order to make the message clearer.
  2. Start from the introductory paragraph and think of whether it sheds light on the paper topic. Does the introduction provide sufficient background information? Does it narrow down to the specific topic you focus on? In case it is not clear from the introductory paragraph what you will discuss or analyze, then it would be wise to shift the focus and provide more specific information or facts.
  3. Check on the thesis statement: is it strong and clear enough? Does it clearly state the specific message or idea you intend to communicate across?
  4. Now move on to the main body of the paper. Do the subsequent body paragraphs provide more illustrative facts or supporting evidence to support and develop the ideas pertaining to the thesis statement?
  5. Look through the conclusive paragraph. Does it properly summarize the main points that were brought to discussion? Here make sure you do not introduce any new aspects and ideas regarding the topic.
  6. After you have looked through the paper content and checked on whether the ideas are developed logically and consistently, switch over to the more detailed proofreading in terms of correct spelling, grammar, typos and punctuation issues.

It is highly recommended to proofread the paper as if you were a reader. Do not focus on finding petty mistakes but sit back and try to evaluate whether the paper is easy to read, whether it has a smooth flow of ideas, whether it is consistent in conveying the core message, etc. How would you find the text if you were given it to read in your free time?

Another piece of advice is to read the paper in separate sentences rather than in paragraphs or as a whole. Focus only on separate sentences: do you see any mistakes? Does the meaning and purpose of the sentence seem logical and clear?

You might as well read the paper from the end. This way you will concentrate less on the content but will just notice specific words and phrases that caught your attention due to some reason (whether it is spelling mistake or awkward wording).

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Steps to Make Proofreading Process More Effective:

  1. Be focused

If you aim to find mistakes and typos, make sure nothing distracts you. Stay focused and make sure you are free from potential distractors. Switch off the phone, music, Facebook notifications, and other gadgets.

  1. Print out the copy

It has been proven that it is easier to spot mistakes and make corrections on a printed version of the document. Therefore, make sure you print out a copy before proofreading.

  1. Keep a close eye at homonyms and homophones

Words may be spelled or pronounced in the same way but at the same time be totally different in meaning. Watch out for such words.

  1. Check on contractions and words with apostrophes

Make sure you do not mix your and you’re, its and it’s, etc.

  1. Pay attention to punctuation marks

Check on whether you have used commas, colons, semi-colons, and other punctuation marks in a correct way.

  1. Double-check numerical data

When providing numbers and statistics, it is easy to add or miss a zero or misplace a comma or a point. Keep a close eye to these things.

  1. Ask someone to proofread your paper

This is one of the simple proofreading tips you could come up with. Another person will have a fresh look on your paper and will probably spot something you have missed.

All in all, proofreading is not difficult. You just need to be concentrated and attentive to be able to notice all mistakes in the paper. In case you are not good at it, address GoldEssays.com for help – our professional team will take care of your paper proofreading.