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Is proofreading really necessary?

Proofreading is not to be done according to your wish. It is an essential element of every paper writing. In other words, if you want to present a competent high quality paper you won’t manage to do it without proofreading. Indeed, being absorbed in the process of writing we often miss such significant elements as grammar or paper structure, which are the most important constituents of a good paper. Unfortunately, the spellchecker omits some errors on a page. What is more, while working on the paper or an article we get accustomed to it so much that we simply do not notice some important misspellings or other mistakes. Here goes a conclusion – being a good and talented paper writer does not mean being an excellent proofreader as well, at least not of your own paper.

Can I submit the paper without proofreading it?

In theory, of course you can, unless you don’t want to drive the readers crazy! Grammatical mistakes, different misspellings and stylistic errors always creep into a document unnoticed. But they WILL BE noticed after the paper is submitted, and this is rather undesirable. There are some ways to help you make the situation better, for example Microsoft Word grammar-check program. It can help you detect spelling mistakes but it is useless if the wrong words are put in the correct position. Unlike primitive checking programs, our professional proofreaders are on top of their job! They won’t miss anything and they are ready to scan your paper as many times as you need. Our copy editing and proofreading teams are working diligently to make your work excellent, not less.

The main proofreading issues are set below:

  1. After having proofed the body of the text come back to the headings.
  2. Try to reread the work as many times as you can, it will help you to avoid mistakes. Give extra attention to the little words like “or,” “of,” “it,” and “is”.
  3. Try to proofread in the morning. Fresh mind in editing is very important.
  4. To learn good and useful proofreading tips cooperate with the professional proofreaders.
  5. Edit , edit and edit to get the paper correct.

So if you have decided to order proofreading services, you can easily give it to our professionals. We guarantee that their work will be perfect – your paper will be clean and clear in all writing respects.