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Book Reports

Book report writing is a real art, and no one knows it better than GoldEssays.com. Facing this task every day during many years we know exactly the main constituents of a successful book review. The main task while writing this kind of paper is to analyze the text critically and not to give a simple synopsis. We know exactly how to write excellent book reviews by assessing the way of the author’s attitude and dealing with the topic, as well as looking beyond the boundaries of the book. We assess and analyze its future contribution to the issues in concern.

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Four vital parameters for evaluation

If you are aimed at writing a good book review, first you need to develop a provocative and interest raising introduction to catch the attention of the reader. After you have stated the thesis you have to make four vital steps before making a logical conclusion that should contain an original argument or statement from the introduction part backed by the text citations.

GoldEssays.com premium quality book reviews include:

  1. Intellectual approach or historiography. By which school of thought was the author influenced while writing the book? What are the main values, premises and purpose of the book? Does the author agree with general views, or does he show his disagreement? Is he justified to hold opposing ideas? What are an impact and the contribution of the book?
  2. Approach of the book. What problems and issues have been raised by the author? What type of data is used? Is the book based majorly on the unjustified assumptions? Do the raised issues find their answer or are they left hanging?
  3. Writing Style. Is the mood of the topic captured by the author? Is he lucid in his style? Has the author managed to be convincing and persuasive in the conclusion? Is it clear enough for a layperson to understand the message? Are the thoughts laid in a logical order, is the style clear and sustained rather then it sizzles out in between?
  4. Reviewer’s evaluation. What is the subjective reader’s opinion on the views stated by the author? What is the reviewer’s assessment of the work? Does the reader agree with the ideas? What chapters and parts were the most memorable and why? Did the book leave the reader confused or gave him a feeling of direction or triumph? This part of the book review should include the opinion concerning the inherent weaknesses and strengths of the book.

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Book Review Check List:

  1. Are the type and the topic of the book introduced in the review? Are the setting and the scope represented as well?
  2. Did the reviewer mention the name of the author, title and the publishing information clearly?
  3. What is the theme of the book? What genre does it belong to? Is it fiction or non-fiction, autobiography or biography?
  4. Is the book regarded by the reviewer in relation to other works on the topic? What is the gist of the writing?
  5. Is the problem of author’s development of the topic raised in the review? Does the author take the topic to the next level?
  6. If the book is academic and does it go with an overview? Does it have the citations of the key passages?
  7. If the book belongs to the style of fiction is there a short write up of the story without giving away the twist? Are the main characters mentioned

If your aim is to submit a top class book review or any other type of academic assignment GoldEssays.com is a place where to find it. Excellent essays, research papers, theses or dissertations are written by the best professionals will make your academic life more pleasant and successful.