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Rules of Psychology to Live a Life Better

Tags: , , August 29, 2017

Rules of Psychology to Live a Better Life

During our lifetime, the wind of changes alters our perceptions and standpoints making us completely or partially different from whom we were or will be. Some become wiser and more experienced learning on own mistakes, others try making rational conclusions after reading a book, listening to an inspiring speech or taking into consideration someone’s pieces...

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Top 5 Things You Can Do On Friendship Day

Tags: , , July 28, 2017

Top 5 Things You Can Do on Friendship Day

Friendship Day is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of August in order to help us honor the power of friendship in our lives. Ways to celebrate Friendship Day can be very different – from small gifts to a joint trip with friends. Here are the top 5 ideas that you can use to make an...

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5 Ways to Maintain Lifelong Friendship

Tags: , , July 14, 2017

5 Ways to Maintain Lifelong Friendships

Friendship is extremely important not only for your social life, but also for your physical and mental wellness. So you certainly need to savor and protect relationships with your friends. Do you want to know how to keep friendships strong enough to last a lifetime? Or do you want to get a piece of advice...

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Five Best Books on Body Language

Tags: , , February 17, 2017

Five Best Books on Body Language

Body language is one more way of communication. In some situations, it sends signals stronger than words. Since it is controlled by the subconscious mind, if your interlocutor understands this language, he/she will easily understand if there is a difference in what you are saying and actually thinking. To make sure your words and body...

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