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How to Write Financial Essay

Tags: , , , November 10, 2017

How to Write an Effective Financial Essay

The effective financial essay is a good opportunity for every student to show the professor their ability to deal with the finance and manage it. It is a significant part of the coursework, because it defines your readiness to solve issues in this sphere. Structure of the essay The right structure is a very significant...

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How Rich People Think

Tags: , , August 4, 2017

How Rich People Think

Back to history, people have always been divided into different social groups according to the amount of money they’ve possessed. The reason for such a financial difference is obvious. The way we think leads us to the place we are and the thinking of a rich and an average person differs tremendously. Let’s have a...

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6 Simple Ways to Make Money by Saving

Tags: , , June 16, 2017

6 Simple Ways to Make Money By Saving

Being a broke student is almost a tradition, but there’s really no need to live on ramen noodles and mac and cheese at the end of the year if you know how to spend responsibly. After all, learning how to save up is a part of being an adult. Budgeting tips that will help you...

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Retirement Planning How to Start Saving for a Pension

Tags: , , May 30, 2017

Retirement Planning: How To Start Saving For A Pension

When it comes to retirement planning, the most popular opinion is that you must start saving money as soon as you start earning. However, the reality may not always allow doing this. Student debts, credit card debts, dreams about a new home and other necessities and temptations force us to postpone our retirement planning. Even...

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