Reasons to Skip Class: When should you skip class?

Of course, teachers do not recommend skipping class, but sometimes the benefits of skipped class are greater than the class itself. So, now we’re going to give you some good reasons to skip class and some bad ones. 

Good Reasons to Miss Class

Sacrifice for a greater purpose

Let’s say it’s Thursday and you have to send your midterm essay which makes 50% of Sociology final grade until noon, but you have to attend another class, for example, Political Science. If you’re going to attend the class, your mark for Sociology will be C, but if you skip, you can get an A grade. Worth it, huh? 


At college, you’re always at risk of catching a cold. It’s not that serious, but if you are really sick — e.g. have gone down with the flu, strep throat or something alike, please don’t come to the class. Your accidental cough or sneeze may infect someone else and bring them lots of problems. Give yourself a couple of days to get around before coming back to the studying process. 


Occasionally, there are things that are way more important than a perfect attendance record. In case some urgent thing comes across while studying process, don’t hesitate and go for it. Sometimes it’s okay to make your choice in favor of greater things. I bet you’d never say, “Oh man, I’d better be in my Geology class now instead of sitting here, at the meeting with the President”, would you?

Job interviews

Certainly, getting a job isn’t the most important goal of a college, but undoubtedly it’s one of the major end goals. Professors don’t like to be ignored or feel unimportant, so next time when you’re going to have a job interview, say that this interview is a chance for you to put all their wise teaching in a good direction. 

Bad Reasons to Miss Class

You’re Unprepared

In fact, the stupid feeling of being unprepared gives more chances for you to be ready for the next class. Moreover, missed the chance of reading or learning something for the class doesn’t mean you should miss everything that will be discussed in a class. 


Being a college student means being always tired, but it is not a reason to skip a class. Next time you stand between decisions to go or not to go, take yourself out of your bed and consider going to sleep earlier next time.

Not Feeling Like It

Of course, some classes might seem senseless or unhelpful to you, but it is important to realize that skipping them for no reason, “just because”, might enforce you to skip it again and again which can lead to mark F-. 

To summarize, flawless attendance list isn’t necessary for a successful career, but look at this from a different perspective: classes will one day become a job. If your excuse is not enough to skip a job, go to the class and avoid any fails – it’s not worth it.