8 Useful Tips on How to Write a Good Philosophy Essay

8 Tips on How to Write a Philosophy Essay

Many students claim that writing a philosophy essay is very intimidating because topics are often confusing and unclear. In reality, it is not true. This guideline is devoted to providing 8 effective tips that will help you to understand the essence of a good philosophy paper and avoid the most frequent mistakes in writing.

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Be aware of the course material

Read the assignment question carefully and make the connection to the relevant study material. Look through your notes before starting to write the essay. Think of the possible links between your own philosophical judgments and the course material.

Plan your philosophy essay

Brainstorm and write your thoughts on a piece of paper. Create a draft of the paper structure making it appropriate to answering the assignment question. Keep the focus of the paper straight and do not include irrelevant ideas.

Write the purpose of the essay

Create an introductory paragraph mentioning the primary purpose of your writing. Keep the section brief, but do your best to provide a clear roadmap for your future readers.

Create an argument

Create an exploratory argument that is interesting for your audience. Place your main argument at the end of the introduction and develop it in the body paragraphs. Convince the readers in the correctness of your argument using data and examples obtained with the help of research.

Make the paper clear and concise

Although philosophy papers favor unexpected connections between ideas, keep your writing straightforward. This means stating your ideas clearly before starting to discuss other points in the paper.

Give examples

You will be often asked to discuss abstract ideas in your philosophy papers. Remember that abstract thoughts can be illustrated with the help of relevant examples. To prove your points, this way is the most effective because it aids the readers to understand your argument more clearly.

Remember to oppose your views

A good philosophy paper discusses a topic, including various aspects. So, prove your argument to the readers by providing an opposing viewpoint and demonstrating why it is less effective than your own argument.

Avoid making errors

Many students lose marks because of these errors:

  • Repetition of ideas
  • Providing irrelevant points
  • Wrong representation of the arguments made by philosophers
  • Vague or sophisticated vocabulary
  • Poor and illogical argument
  • Providing obvious responses to the assignment question
  • Failing to follow the paper requirements

If you have followed the tips carefully, your essay is almost ready by now. Read your essay for several times to check for spelling and grammar mistakes and you are 100% ready!