The Best Teacher I Ever Had

The Best Teacher I Ever Had Free Essay

The Best Teacher I Ever Had Free Essay

Amongst the teachers who have taught me, Teacher Andrew is the best teacher that I ever had. He was my science teacher while I was in the 9th grade. In his class, I particularly gained knowledge more regarding this subject. I also learned more concerning education generally as compared to other classes at this stage. Several parameters may explain the reason why I learned a lot from the science class. It could have been a result of a properly organized syllabus. Also, the subjects in my 9th grade perhaps were relatively simple and, intriguing. Nonetheless, I strongly believe that Andrew was someone who I could not easily forget. I also believe that the actual reason why my 9th grade was so interesting was owing to Andrew. He conveyed an experience that was extremely dissimilar from any other teacher.

Right through the 7th grade and 8th grade, no other teacher of mine was extremely terrific. This does not imply that all of them were awful. It also doesn’t imply that they weren’t intriguing. However, not any had unique attributes which alienated them from the crowd. Mr. Andrew nonetheless was not in any way simply a teacher whom I could easily forget. He was no doubt the most enjoyable, and passionate teacher. He was also the most extraordinary teacher. My 9th-grade teacher was an extremely humorous man. He could constantly look for a means of making sure that the class remained mesmerized. These included providing a passionate intuition regarding a tremor or hurricane and narration of funny stories. Another one is getting off-themes regarding, for instance, his favorite pastime activities, and more.

Andrew constantly kept his student’s attention. Owing to these state-of-affairs, all of us felt as if it was not simply a science class. It was simply an experience that may not have been had by all of us with whichever teacher. In one instance, during my 9th grade, an unforgettable instant was when we were learning the various categories of compounds, and also the prevailing chemical elements in the world. During the studying of these topics, he could daily permit us to watch dancing caricatures/cartoons that featured two gases that makeup water. These include H (Hydrogen), and O2 gases. Also, he could chant/sing alongside the film. The instructive significance of a video clip was known to be partial at that time. But it attested/proved to offer us amusement. This is even though science is a subject that is normally perceived by many students not to be thrilling.

Teacher Andrew some few days before the science subject exam amazingly proclaimed to us that to get one more credit, one had the alternative of making a presentation before the class. This presentation entailed both chanting/singing and boogying/dancing to the song. Teacher Andrew graded our science performance from one to ten. A number of my comrades were extremely concerned regarding appearing unwise during the presentation. Nonetheless, I was more than eager to sing and dance to the song. This is even though I had previously by no means been much of an actor. However, Teacher Andrew and my classmates found my presentation so exciting. I ended up being the only student to score an ideal ten.

Currently, I am not in a position to correctly determine the real source of my abrupt passion for acting. Nonetheless, I am very sure that it was an express outcome of teacher Andrew’s passion. Teacher Andrew had at all times been so passionate. I am very sure that his passion was carried over to my academic performance. I eventually learned that passion is infectious. The science class was kept intriguing by his passion. As a consequence, I was at all times conscientious. Also, I was always in a position to soak up the information. The 9th-grade science felt similar to the simplest class I had yet taken. Nonetheless, there were a few challenges that we usually encountered occasionally. The teacher furnished us with a great deal of information. Moreover, he examined us frequently. Nonetheless, I didn’t even on one occasion feel uninterested in studying. In this regard, excelling in my class appeared to come effortlessly. I am certain that Andrew had a significant effect on the rest of my scholastic vocation (Emeagwali).

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