Planning for a Pandemic

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Planning for a Pandemic Free Essay

Planning for a pandemic in advance is necessary. That is because it gives professionals time to make adequate preparations and come up with the best strategies to solve health problems. Planning also prevents the use of large amounts of funds because it allows professionals to set aside the necessary resources that they require for activities such as research, and the manufacture of therapeutic interventions just to mention but a few. Therefore, I affirm that recommendations such as stockpiling vaccines and observing hospital hygiene can assist in reducing the rate at which an epidemic spreads.

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I also concur with the recommendation of choosing a leader, especially from the federal government. However, I also think that involving other non-governmental stakeholders might assist in coming up with diverse and creative solutions to the health problem. In this case, the creation of a team of various health professionals as well as officials from the governmental and non-governmental organizations is of great importance. Besides, improving communication between federal leaders, as well as, members of the community is an excellent idea. Effective communication is vital because it enables public health professionals to obtain first-hand information about the situation of a pandemic in the community and also creates an avenue for the creation of awareness within the society.

Health professionals should indeed work with biostatisticians while designing a program to prevent the spreading of a pandemic. Statistical information informs the professionals on the prevalence of a disease, the risk populations, and the effectiveness of a particular therapeutic or non-therapeutic intervention. It is the best way of ensuring the implementation of the most appropriate interventions that suit a specific circumstance. I also concur with the argument that the process of collecting, classifying, analyzing and interpreting data is also useful for decision-making. It is especially important for leaders because they have to drafts a budget to set aside funds for activities such as research.

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