Research Paper

A research paper is, perhaps, the most popular academic assignment in any college or university. As the name suggests, this paper requires a thorough work with the sources, good analysis of the data obtained, as well as the correct interpretation of the results. Because of its complexity, writing a research paper may turn into a challenge for an average student. First, one can fail to find accurate and credible scholarly articles. Second, writing a research paper requires strict adherence to the highest academic standards. Third, the student may just fail to organize the working process properly. The research paper sample given below proves that we never break our promises. Using this sample as your source of inspiration, you will find it easier to boost your writing proficiency.

Sexual Harassment

Every day cases concerning sexual harassments are being filed within the administrative offices of several companies. There are many reasons leading to the abuses ranging from misuse of power to provocation dressing by individuals. However, it is expected that such incidents can happen within the workplace.

The Best Practices of Emaar in the UAE

Abstract The best practices in business are based on profit maximization, cost minimization, and operational management among CEO, managers, and all the employees of the company. The study will carry out an elaborate business analyses review to establish the actual reasons and practices in order to find about enterprise’s success. Despite many studies, there seems…

Romanian Economy

Thesis Romania Intends to be the Europe’s Quickest Recovering Economy in 2016 This research paper investigates the Romanian economy’s current rapid growth in both the frontier market and the emerging market. The research is conducted with regards to the micro, small and international capitalizations’ growth, as well as to the frontier and emerging market strategy…

Stepped-up Competition for Talent

Stepped-up Competition for Talent Globalization has made it possible for people to work in different countries. Workers evaluate their options before deciding to start working for an organization. Thus, competition for competent workers is not only local, but also global. This fact makes it necessary for firms to adopt favorable cultures and practices that will…

Initiative Plan

Introduction The current research paper provides description of innovative strategy in the information technology company. Each step of leadership plan procedures is thoroughly described. Schedule plan helps to control the process of design and realization of new software. Much attention is paid to enabling effective and successful governance of the company by making various managerial…

Fashion Brand Warehouse

Fashion Brand Warehouse This report focuses on the fashion brand Warehouse including its situation analysis, marketing objectives, sales forecast, positioning, points of difference, and unique selling point. Situation Analysis This section focuses on the history of the brand, its competitors, positioning, SWOT and PEST, pen portrait, 7 P’s and unique selling promotion. History of the…

Hacking the AIS

Hacking the AIS Based on the conducted research, the paper will review the extent, to which the companies’ accounting information systems are exposed to the potential threats of hacking. It will evaluate the level of responsibility of the company and its software provider in terms of the effectiveness of the response to the security breach….

Customer Service of Etisalat

Introduction Etisalat is a multinational telecommunications company headquartered in the UAE providing telecommunication services in 158 countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia (Cole, 2013). The company ranks 17th globally among network operators having customers exceeding 150 million (Cole, 2013). Research Problem Just like any other organization, retention of current customers is important for Etisalat….

Organizational Change in Microsoft Corporation

Introduction Microsoft is a global corporation, which specializes on creating, producing, testing, supporting and selling computer software and devices all around the world. It is one of the biggest corporations, operating on the computer market and contributing to the advanced scientific and technological research. It is best known for such products as Windows operating systems,…