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Free Analysis of Career Development

Most students attend school with the aim of getting the knowledge required in a particular field. Acquiring education is the first step in career development. Students always specialize in a particular area in order to concentrate on acquiring the required knowledge and skills in the field of preference. After students complete their courses, they always look for a job (Tullier, 2004). It should be understood that seeking a workplace is a process. There are specific steps that should be followed in order for one to get the job in a particular field or organization.

Steps that a Job Applicant Must Take in Order to Receive the Right Job

The first step is to identify the area that suits one’s qualifications. After that, it is necessary for a person to concentrate on the companies and organizations offering jobs that meet the skills and experience of the applicant (Tullier, 2004). Therefore, the first step is to focus on the areas that meet the experience, skills, and qualifications of the candidate.

The second step is to look for job opportunities advertised by different employers. Once a person gets such opportunities, it is important to choose and apply for the position that suits the applicant (Staudacher, 2011). Moreover, the candidate must understand the application procedures.

The third step is networking. It helps individuals connect with people who have information about job opportunities. Networking may involve attending conferences, undertaking internships, volunteering, and shadowing experts in a particular field (Sherfield & Moody, 2012). Another way of networking is to find a mentor, join the industry-specific group, and use career services in the school.

Tools that a Job Applicant Needs in Order to Receive the Right Job

There are tools that a student must have in order to get the right job. These tools include technology, appearance, transportation, practice, research, and follow-up. Firstly, technology is necessary since it helps the student find a job advertisement and also get an application platform. Secondly, appearance is particularly helpful when one is attending the interview (Farr, 2006). It influences the decision of the interview panel. In addition, research helps the students identify job opportunities. Finally, transportation aids the student in moving from one place in order to network and look for job openings.

Job Choices that College Students Might Be Interested in Pursuing

Most students are attracted by particular jobs. Consequently, they always pursue courses that may help them receive those positions. These jobs includes clinical workplaces with the salary range of about $63,000 to $70,000 per year, accountant jobs with the salary range of about $46,500 to $52,500 per year, modeling job with an average salary of $79,742, nursing jobs with the salary range of about of $26.51 per hour, and law-related jobs with the salary range of about $66,000 to $72,000 per year (Staudacher, 2011). Job choices of students are influenced by various factors that include the salary range and work environment.

Where a Student Can Find the Right Job

There are different areas where a student can get a job. The best place to find a job is online. There are many online sites that specialize in advertising available job opportunities from different companies in various locations (Pierson, 2009). These sites include,, and Once the students visit these sites, they will be able to get the jobs that suit them.

Newspapers also have pages that provide a list of jobs available in various companies in different regions. All the students need is to buy the newspapers and search for any advertised job opportunities (Sherfield & Moody, 2012). Students can also access most newspapers online. The common newspapers in the U.S. that students can buy and use to look for job opportunities include the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Daily News (New York), the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, the Dallas Morning News, Newark Star-Ledger, Houston Chronicle, and Tampa Bay Times.

There are jobs that I found interesting on the online job search sites. These positions include Java Developer, System Administrator, IT Technician, and IT Business Analyst. These jobs are of interest to me since they match my skills and qualifications (Farr, 2006). I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, and my plan is to receive a job in IT-related field. Therefore, I was interested in these positions since they can offer me the greatest opportunity that I have always sought.

The Purpose of Networking and how It Can Be Used to Receive the Perfect Job

Networking is an important process when one is looking for a job. Its purpose in a job search is to interact with people who can be helpful in identifying available job opportunities (Sherfield & Moody, 2012). Through networking, the student can acquire information that may be useful for receiving the right job. Moreover, it can help someone get the right job through various ways. The first way is to acquire the contact information of the potential employers. This helps the students contact the potential employer and express their determination to work for their companies (Pierson, 2009). The other way is to interact with the professionals in a particular field. This gives the students the required knowledge and tactics of securing certain jobs.

Associations that Business Students Should Join

There are important associations that student are required to join in order to acquire essential knowledge in the field of their specialization. Additionally, joining some association is helpful for ensuring that a student is equipped with the knowledge of dealing with most aspects of life. Consequently, students should join professional associations (Staudacher, 2011). Furthermore, it is necessary for students to identify the association that will help them in their career growth. Students should only join the professional association that matches their career aspirations.

The Process of Applying For a Job

There is a specific process that should be followed by the students while applying for a job. In this process, the first item includes deciding on the type of the job. It is important to ensure that students are focused on the job of their desire. For this reason, students are required to think about the skills required for a specific position, salary range, and benefits that they are likely to enjoy (Sherfield & Moody, 2012).

The next step involves conducting the research. This supposes the seeking of important information about the target company. The research helps the student explore what the company does. After the research about the target company, one is required to review the job opportunity offered by the company.

The next step is to write a resume which is used to present the information to the potential employer concerning the applicant (Farr, 2006). The student should include information about the skills, experience, and qualifications in the resume. The student should also write the cover letter to be sent to the employer together with the resume.

Another important process is to contact the potential employer in order to express the interest in a particular job. This helps the latter realize that there is a potential employee willing to occupy the vacant position (Sherfield & Moody, 2012). Once the job applicant is invited for the interview, the student should bring the required documents and maintain the best appearance. It is important to answer all questions effectively during the interview in order to increase the chance of getting the job.

Online Job Application

Online process of applying for a job is a little different from face-to-face job application process (Pierson, 2009). It involves a candidate identifying the advertised job online. The job applicant sends the application online in the form of an email that has the attached documents.

The process of applying for a job opportunity online requires a person to complete an online job applications form. The applicant requires an email address that will be used to send the required details to the potential employer. Moreover, the applicant should send a cover letter for a specific job, an up-to-date resume, and other relevant documents through email and wait for a reply from the potential employer.

Strategies that Separate One Graduating Senior from Others

One important strategy that can separate one graduating student from another is the understanding of the job market. Such an approach helps a person concentrate on the advantages that will increase the chance of being employed (Staudacher, 2011). Another strategy is networking. It helps the student remain informed about various jobs on the market.

Items that Should Be Found in a Portfolio and the Importance of Portfolio

The career portfolio is a document that conveys important message by combining words, white space, and graphic items (Staudacher, 2011). Career portfolios are employed to plan, arrange, and document work samples, education, and skills. They should include different items. However, the number of items depends on the type of the document. The types of portfolios include display portfolios, working portfolios, and assessment portfolios (Pierson, 2009). The main items of a portfolio include a cover letter, resume, professional references, awards, letters of recommendation, and school course descriptions. Each item in the set conveys particular information to the potential employer. The portfolio is important since it helps the potential employer understand the applicant well (Staudacher, 2011).

Difference between References and Letters of Recommendations

References contain persons who can provide the information about the job applicants. These include former employers and teachers at the attended school. On the other hand, the letter of recommendation refers to the letter written to recommend the job applicant to the potential employer (Pierson, 2009). Students should have at least three references and one recommendation letter from a particular individual, for example, a former employer.

Importance of Thank-You Notes and When They Should Be Used

Thank-you notes are extremely important for building strong relations and increasing the chances of the applicant to receive a new job (Staudacher, 2011). They are used to express the appreciation as well as thank the potential employer for the cover letter.

Dress-for-Success Pointers

During the interview, a candidate should wear smart and comfortable dress. The smart dress aids in improving the general appearance of the interviewee (Sherfield & Moody, 2012). Meanwhile, the comfortable clothes enhance the confidence of the candidate during the interview.

It is important for a candidate to maintain a conservative look during the interview. A person should dress appropriately in order to make a good impression and thus show the interview panel that they are a serious candidate for the applied position. Furthermore, it is vital to avoid the use of accessories like face jewelry, jangley jewelry, ankle bracelets, and strong perfumes.

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