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Social Responsibility

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Starbucks social responsibility is one of the most important parts in its performance. It is a reflection of the company’s intention to take care of the society and human beings in general. The scope of the company’s social activity includes partnership, communities, and “good coffee”. The reveal of all these aspects takes itself in the following newsletter covering the essence of the company’s activity.


Partnership plays an essential role for Starbucks. The company values every contributor to its performance. Every customer needs to values the company and its activity. It means that the company needs to enhance its partnership. In terms of the company’s performance there are two types of partnership: other companies and employees. Employees formulate the essence of partnership as long as the company performs to value each employee and create an appropriate working environment (Keenan and Evans, 2013). Trainings, flexible working hours, promotions, and bonuses help to express the company’s preference. Employees reflect the company’s intention to develop. Starbucks performs in order to prove that every employee is worth working for the sake of the company’s growth.


As long as the company performs in terms of a global competition, one of the parts of its mission is to contribute to the development of each community. First of all, Starbucks is the company, which helps neighborhoods to gather and socialize in a comfortable atmosphere (Kakabadse, Rozuel, and Lee-Davies, 2005). However, it is not the only benefit of the company. Starbucks continues to work on its performance in terms of global competition aimed to improve the quality of life. It is the only competitive benefit, which can both help the company to develop and increase trust from the customers (McElhaney, 2015). Starbucks continues to work on attracting more companies to participate in the company’s ambitious intention to improve living conditions of each community

Good Coffee

The main project of the company regarding the social sector covers the problems of the suppliers helping the company bring high quality products to the customer. The leading program of the company is titled “Commitment to Origins”. (, 2015) Through the lens of its program, the company continues to take care of the supplies and its sources. The company needs to make sure that each supplier does not meet economic, social, or environmental problems. Starbucks is looking for long-term cooperation with reliable suppliers, which means it has an interest in dedicating its performance to the specific partners. Starbucks continues to pay fair prices to its clients and is willing to provide its partners and suppliers with benefits. All these aspects help to support friendly relations with the companies from cooperation. Solving issues of partners and suppliers only supports the company’s development and its overall intention to expand its boundaries in a rapid pace.

Commitment is one of the strongest points of the company, which finds itself in every aspect of its performance. Starbucks includes interests of its suppliers in both strategic and tactic plans. A comprehensive approach towards management of the supply processes helps to generate an effective long-term relationship with every supplier.

As a result, the company obtains the diversity of customers, which are willing to purchase its products and taste them without fear of buying low quality products. In fact, the company pay much attention to four categories of individuals forming its environment: partners, suppliers, employees, and customers.


Starbucks is the company, which dedicates its performance not only to the aim of increasing profits. It takes care of every individual participating in its development. Commitment to every aspect of the development leads to the overall upgrade of the strategic plan including interests of every stakeholder. Starbucks views the point of social responsibility through the lens of meeting needs of every partner. Friendly intentions help the company to grow and develop, which proves that it will perform on the long-term basis. It is possible to predict that the company will lead a successful performance in the future. From the point of view of PESTLE analysis, it is obvious that the company performs at the highest level leading to rapid growth and development.

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