Marketing Essays

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E-Commerce in Business

E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce, refers to different types of electronic transactions that take place between businesses and their respective stakeholders, and it involves the exchange of goods, services, and information, as well as the processing of financial transactions. The process became possible through the widespread use of the internet among all types of stakeholders, as nowadays, almost every single person has significant access to the worldwide web through mobile phones, computers, and other technological devices.

Event Tourism in Abu Dhabi

Executive Summary Tourism has been a major contributor to the economy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This rise in the hospitality industry has enabled the region to experience many tourists from the other countries for holiday vacations. Some people come for recreational tourism to enjoy the beaches  the climate, which is favorable for the…

Career of a Financial Consultant

Introduction Financial consulting seems to be an ordinary accounting-related career, which does not presuppose taking serious risks or having some extraordinary cases. However, the reality demonstrates that consultants and advisors became extremely valuable nowadays as they play an important part in their clients’ lives. Personal financial planning became the earnest of future success. For this…

Economic Development and the Environment

Introduction In the course of development of the environment, in the majority of countries of the world a technogenic nature and a capacious type of economic development based on consumption of natural resources and services have been created. Natural resources are among factors of economic development (the natural capital) along with manpower (the human capital)…