“Let It Snow” by David Sedaris

“Let It Snow” by David Sedaris Free Essay

The following discussion will focus on the analytical interpretation of David Sedaris’ winter story – “Let It Snow.” Without a doubt, this creation represents an autobiographical episode and depicts a specific situation from his real life. The whole tone of this narration makes it sounds realistic and expressive, but numerous hidden conceptions are outlined in this article. The double nature of the leading message is worth considering for a better understanding of the author’s intentions. Thus, the issue deals with the essential notions that the writer portrays. The purpose of the paper is to underline the distinguishing characteristics between the leading heroes of the story, elucidate their internal world of perception, and evaluate the strongest and the weakest points of Sedaris’ creation.

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A reader might find this daily story in the local newspaper, which is likely to be perceived positively and easily. However, it represents a strong message that can be captured between the lines. The writer introduces to the public an ordinary episode from family life in North Carolina, where heavy snow is a rare occurrence. Naturally, when it starts snowing, all the members of its community are surprised and even shocked. The following reaction is revealed in the next scenes outlined by David Sedaris, specifically when one of the main heroines – Mother – tries to escape from the reality. She is tired and exhausted by the quotidian life, and she does not see any opportunity to cope with it. When her children are at school, she enjoys peace, relaxation, and pleasure. However, due to the inappropriate weather conditions, she experiences a real shock and devastation (Sedaris). It is strange for her to pass so much time with her family members. She feels bored and frustrated trying to return to her special atmosphere of calm all the time. This woman has to deal with the household chores, but she does not receive any assistance. Moreover, she finds it rewarding to waste time in front of the television with a bottle of alcoholic beverage (Sedaris). She perceives her being as a sacrifice and thinks that the children are the trouble. Because of this, her depression is a permanent condition that she could not overcome.

Analyzing the relationships between the writer and his mother, a reader feels sympathetic toward the narrator and his sisters who are forced to experience family quarrels and an unpleasant situation. While Mother does not behave normally, the author engenders different attitudes to this heroine who relives the deepest stress in the audience. As she continues to manifest an uncaring position, her vision causes indignation and resentment among the majority of the readers. This scene may be interpreted as the end of the illusion which is depicted in the inner reflection of the author. Remarkably, his perception of reality remains one of the most impressive expressions in the short story.

The role of the Father as a role model in the family community is neglected. Sedaris blames this man for his irresponsible attitude toward his children and an absolute absence in the context of the life-challenging events. He portrays the current situation in an unusually typical manner, with a bit cynical and sarcastic tone which cannot stay unnoticeable. Accusing his Mother of childish resistance, he is forced to accept the sad reality. The concept of the emotional tension between the members of the family shows the whole dynamic of the story which is supported by the symbols of nature.

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The image of a snowstorm represents the bad and good days in the everyday life. In this context, the allusion to weather conditions is a powerful tool for describing the inner mood of the main characters. Due to this approach, the author succeeds to generalize the whole situation and portray it in a particular manner.

Owing to the vivid representation of a daily routine, the author proves his skills as an excellent narrator who uses explanatory details, such as a genuine depiction of reality. His descriptive manner may be considered the strongest tool during the reading. His method of interpretation increases the emotional reaction of the audience and its augments. The audience experiences a long-lasting impression that remains after the story ends.

The leading message of the short story reveals the interpersonal communication within one particular family. The scene that has a tremendous impact on every reader is related to the event when Lisa calls her Mother a bitch. This passage provokes a strong reaction as this is inappropriate for a young lady. However, it is not her fault that their communication fails. Moreover, due to their Mother’s drinking habit, she experiences controversial emotions. Thus, this example may be interpreted as a real manifestation of a loss of mutual respect between parents and children.

Notwithstanding that maternal care is an essential part of the family’s stability and peaceful coexistence, this family lacks this part. The author had been experiencing extreme frustration from his family members during his childhood. It had influenced his mental health greatly which led to the significant consequences later, in his adulthood period. After having overcome all the difficulties, Sedaris still has a bond with his mother. Owing to the hardship, their links of communication are becoming tougher. They can still be based on the “love-hate relationships” because it is a natural and integral part of our human relationships.

It is essential to highlight that “Let It Snow” is a perfect example of a short but deep narration in contemporary literature. Not only may this passage serve as an example of self-reflection, but it also develops the understanding of the personal place in the family and life in general. This story portrays a routine in the people’s relationships and embodies a family community that has its positive and negative moments trying to live peacefully. Although some of the moments may be considered radical by most the readers, the prominent vision evaluates and reconsiders the common values.

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