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It is necessary to say that the adjective “critical” has both negative and positive meaning. For example, you can produce a critical essay that providing absolutely favorable feedback on a particular book. You should know that the word “critical” is used to describe your feelings towards the read literary work. When expressing your opinion about the issue, you need to say whether it is coherent and informative. Only then, you may either approve it or disapprove. Find a superb critical essay sample to know how such paper has to be written.

Picking topics for critical essays is as easy as pie. You can evaluate a poem, movie, etc. Try to choose the theme you are excited. Below, there are a few topics that can be chosen for such type of essay:

  • Obama as the President of the USA
  • My Favorite Performance
  • Home Schooling
  • “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Ernest Hemingway
  • “Home Alone” by John Hughes

The main function of a critical essay is to analyze the meaning and illustrate the importance of a particular text but not judge its content.

Such pieces of writing are created in a wide diversity of academic disciplines. Any subject can be chosen for examination.

Critical essays are meant to give readers proper explanations about the issues highlighted in the discussed publication, movie, etc. When dealing with such a work, you may be asked to make your own suggestions about the way a depicted scene could be developed in. Basically, a critical essay is focused on the manner which the author conveys his/her message to readers in. Therefore, it is essential to be interested in the explored item, i.e. text or film, to be able to perform its detailed analysis. Since composing a critical essay is complicated, refer to our supreme critical essays examples.

Threats Posed by an Enemy Country

The main idea in the article is on how change can help in dealing with challenges and counter the threats posed by an enemy country. Also, the article describes ways in which the United Nations and any country could deal with a crime committed by another country. In trying to counter threats it’s somehow right…

Personal Critique of Hume’s Analysis of Causality

The idea of causality is one of the most familiar that we have today; in fact, it is involved in almost every aspect of reasoning and is presupposed in each and every form of argument and all practical action. Causality has generally been a critical conception in philosophy and also in the philosophy of science…

Via Campesina Movement

The essay is a critical examination of the ways in which Campesina Movement, as well as their ideas of food sovereignty conceptually, challenges the underpinning of the contemporary food system. It is worth noting that food sovereignty has been thought of as the right of individuals to clearly define their own types of food as…

Ordinary People

Introduction The essay is a critical examination of the movie ‘Ordinary People’ released back in 1980 starring Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Sutherland, Timothy Hutton, Judd Hirsch, and Elizabeth McGovern. The movie story line centers on the accidental passing away of the older son; the Jarretts an affluent family deeply strains the relationships among themselves and…

Critical Thinking

Under your state's child abuse and neglect statutes, what should have the nurse done? The nurse should have prepared a treatment plan and include every little detail relating to the condition of the boy. Considering that the child is only 2 years old, it was very necessary for the nurse to alert the state's child…

The Realization of International Human Rights

As known by many, international human rights are the rights which are meant to fight for the rights of the people internationally whether they are poor or even tortured. These human rights also need to be translated into the transnational business logics. These international human rights are given permission to perform such duties of fighting…

Ethical Principles and Theories

Ethics is part of the philosophical route which tries to defend the honesty of actions. It is a broad topic which may be further classified into 3 divisions of Meta, normative and practical moral behavior. Meta-ethics explores the truth in lawful claims, and whether the case is prejudiced by emotions. The broadness of the validity…

Michael Collins

Michael Collins is a movie about the Irish patriot, a radical supporter of political and social revolution who passed on in Irish civil war while in the mission of ending the war. It was written and directed by Neil Jordan and it was produced by Stephen Woolley. (Jordan, 1970)The main characters in this movie include:…