Concerns that Elementary School Children are Facing Today

Concerns that Elementary School Children are Facing Today Free Essay


Elementary school going children face several problems including safety problems, nutrition, puberty, and development issues. These problems are coupled with school performance problems, bedwetting, and acne problems. This paper will discuss the most important concerns that elementary school children face today.

Problems that elementary school children face

Pupils face a variety of problems while in elementary school. These problems arise from different perspectives; from social and academic factors. These factors can make the elementary school going children to be unhappy or dissatisfied while in school or even at home. These problems need be addressed by concerned parties like parents, teachers, and counselors or else they may lead to long-term antipathy towards school and schooling. The concerned parties, therefore, need to recognize these common problems and forestall long-term problems.

Some of the concerns elementary school going children face include:

  • Bullies

Bullying is the unrelenting physical, emotional and verbal harm that is imposed on a student by another student. Bullying has been and still is one of the most minimized and persistent problem that affect the US schools today, this is according to Love Our Children USA. To prevent bullying in elementary schools, educators are to remain keen and be aware of all pupil interactions in classroom and playground. When educators discover any sort of bullying in school, they should deal with it immediately and discourage it by all means possible (Margret K. 2011).

  • Boredom

Elementary school children face boredom for a variety of reasons. These may be boredom in class if mundane materials are taught or static manner, the pupils will try to disengage with information and thus easily become to distractions. Pupils may also face boredom if they are not getting properly challenged by the materials in class. This kind of boredom can be dealt by teachers by ensuring that the curriculum is not too easy for the pupils and also teach them in a way that engages their interest (Margret K. 2011).

  • Confusion

Pupils face confusion and thus frustration builds when learning new materials in elementary school classroom. When pupils miss a day of school or if a pupil takes a time to comprehend materials that other pupils seem to comprehend easily as her/his peers, then s/he may feel left behind and unable to catch up. Educators need to use teaching materials that “click” with pupils to avoid confusion. Teachers are also meant to frequently ask and check pupils’ comprehension and that teaching accommodates a variety of learning styles (Margret K. 2011).

  • Sex

School going children are exposed to various forms of sex not only on television or through the internet but also from their peers. Elementary school gong children may be engaging in sexual activities and engage in unprotected sex as well. These teens may get pregnant and have babies at very earlier ages. Educators should introduce sex education to elementary school children and guide them in these matters.

  • Drugs

Elementary going school children today are not just smoking or drinking the easy stuff but they are also into a crack and other strong and deadly drugs. These elementary going school children may while under the influence of drugs engage on drunken driving. This puts several of other road users in danger including the elementary school going children. The experimentation of drugs at these earlier ages may lead to abuse and addiction in these adolescences (Allen K.).

  • Divorce and single parenthood

Another concern is that some these elementary school going children confront is that fact that they come from divorced and or single parent families. Today, the number of divorces and single parents has plummeted and caught in these are the elementary school going children (Allen K.). These may cause them embarrassment and cost them good grades. Ridicule by fellow pupils and or teachers may also be a big impediment to their success in school and outside of school.


Elementary school going children face several concerns as they pass through school. Today the number of divorces has increased and this has led embarrassments, confusion, and boredom among these children. Other concerns include bullying which has not reduced over the years and engaging in sex and sexual activities. Educators should advise these pupils and be their role models and good molders.

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