Comparison Essays

In order to know what to begin an essay with, one has to fully understand the subject. When composing a comparison essay, it is required to analyze both items by discussing their similar and different points. Identifying similarities and differences is the main feature of such type of paper. If you are assigned to produce a comparison essay, you should start it with highlighting similar and opposing characteristics of the examined issues. Bear in mind that a comparison essay deals with either similar features of the analyzed items, or the similar and different ones, while a contrast essay is focused on differences only. You may look through comparison essay samples to understand how subjects have to be examined.

When working on a compare and contrast essay, you need to select the issues which you will be able to analyze thoroughly by highlighting their similar and opposing points. Once the subjects are picked, create a thesis statement and begin writing your work.  Note that it is necessary to make a critical analysis of the subjects which you have chosen. Thus, you will be able to prepare a solid paper.

The purpose of comparison essays is to shed light on unknown or confusing aspects of some phenomena. Such papers provide a broader perspective on the addressed issues. They show that one issue is better than the other under condition that the investigated subjects have enough similar points. Mind that it is essential to compare and contrast both phenomena by referring to the same points.

A comparison essay usually consists of an introduction, main body, and a concluding paragraph.

Before defining the number of paragraphs your essay should consist of, find out its length. Since the topics are different, the text can be organized in different ways. Once the word count is clear, it is required to determine the points each paragraph will highlight. Are you going to create a four-paragraph essay where an introduction will include one paragraph, the body – two, and a conclusion – one? Perhaps you intend to compose a five-paragraph paper where the body will comprise three paragraphs? Check comparison essay samples free section to see how such a paper has to be arranged.

Mind your readers! Are you preparing an essay for little children or a university professor? The tone of your paper, the way the sentences are constructed in, the use of words will depend on the readers whom you are producing a paper.

We offer a great diversity of compare essay samples.

Romanticism and Realism

Modernization has propelled life in a positive way and at the same time caused its repression. Different artists in different ages have come up with means and ways of expressing both sides. Utopia as a form of fine art embedded in the belief of the perfection of life, criticizing repressive actions in the past and at the same time giving directions of how society should exist in future.

World History

Abstract This paper seeks to compare and contrast the development of empires in the period 500 BCE and the ones developed in the period 1400-1700 CE. The research identifies the similarities and the differences among these empires. The paper further seeks to evaluate the institutions and concepts that these empires have relied on. The research…

Comparing Current Trends in Market Positioning

Introduction Market positioning involves how organizations and companies put forward their products into the market for their consumers to see. The first thing to do is for the companies to clearly identify and define the target market segment before the actual entry into the market. The success of a company as regards to the product…

Bolshevik Revolution and Xinhai Revolution

The term revolution has been used to mean a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time. Its usage in referring to political change in dates its history from the scientific revolution occasioned by Copernicus. Throughout human life, there have been revolutions; however, the difference between…

Ana Marie Matute and Miguel Debiles

Ana Marie Matute and Miguel Debiles Free Essay Ana Marie Matute and Miguel Debiles are some of the most exceptional Spanish writers of the post-civil war in Spain. Although each of them had a different childhood upbringing and experiences, the themes of the oppressive and dictatorial leadership of Francisco Franco are illustrated clearly in their…

Australia and China

1. Introduction 1.1. Purpose The purpose of this paper is to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the two countries’ economies and follow the changes in GDP growth in the countries. 1.2. Scope The scope of studies is limited to the analysis of the GDP growth in China and Australia during the last decade. 1.3….