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Biology Essays

When it goes about academic papers, students have to make considerable effort to achieve A-level results. Those have never written a biology essay before should know that there are a great number of methods that can be used for producing such a paper. It is necessary state that many students, who desire to get excellent grades in Biology, think that great practical skills are the only thing necessary for conducting experiments and achieving a successful outcome.

The essays composed in Biology, as well as those produced in other academic disciplines, are focused on examining a particular topic. Their purpose is to demonstrate how students analyze and explain the phenomena of different nature. Due to the fact that there is a wide variety of topics the essays in Biology can be composed on, there are some points which one should avoid when dealing with such papers. Thus, such an essay:

  • should not be written as an opinion paper or a book report;
  • should not provide a general summary of the subject;
  • should not present a general overview of the way the author interprets the issue;
  • should not be created as an expository essay that does not present student’s assessment of the matter.

A good essay in Biology should have the same features as a research paper. It should clearly present writer’s position about the issue and offer a new approach to exploring it.

Theoretically, producing such type of papers is not complicated. However, in order to get a top score, students need to know exactly what steps to follow.

  1. Pick a topic. There are many fascinating themes one can cover when writing an essay in Biology.
  2. Make citations. Find authoritative sources and provide references to each of them. Browse both website and a local library.
  3. Produce an outline. The essays in Biology usually consist of typical structural components such as an introduction, body, and a conclusion. Additionally, such papers include a reference page presenting the sources that have been used in the course of writing.
  4. Conduct research. Start investigating your topic when creating an outline. It will help you construct a better outline.
  5. Collect illustrative material. When composing such an essay, you may be required to compile graphs, charts, tables, and provide other visual material to properly explain the issue you are examining. Therefore, in order not to waste much time, it is worth collecting all the required data during the writing process. Remember that pictures and other kinds of media are considered a powerful education tool used for explaining things.

Look through our biology essay sample.

Regulation of Water Intake and Output

Introduction Water is one of an essential nutrient that our body requires. Our bodies obtain water from foods, beverages, and metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Among the bodies chemical components water is the most abundant comprising of 60% of body weight. Therefore, water being essential it requires a lot of regulation. According to Amos…

Natural Selection

Natural selection is a gradual evolution process that works on trial and error basis i.e. eliminating the unfavorable variations and conserving favorable changes (Darwin 12). However, the changes and variations that take place are slow and unnoticeable. Efforts by the analysis to try and sensitize the universe that such variations take place have been countered…

Fossil Evidence

Thesis statement In reference to Charles (1987) fossil records show a great extent the order of development in living organisms. Specifically, fossil records seek to address the question of origin, development and classification of species in view of studying and understanding the characteristics and evolution process. On their own, fossil records are independent piece of…

Natural Selection by Charles Darwin

Thomas Malthus, in his theory of population growth, argued that there is the replacement of living organisms that lead to the increase in population. Through this Darwin came up with the theory of natural selection known as ‘struggle for existence and survival for the fittest’. Many animals and plants are produced in the world compared…

Field Trip Report

The Wekiwa Springs state park 1800 Wekiwa Circle, Apopka, Fl 32712 is geographically located at the headwaters of the Wekiva River with a beautiful view which gives visitors have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a picnic in a natural environment. Some of the activities that take place at the park include bicycling, campfire circles,…

How Embryo Develops Into Human Being

Embryology is defined as the study of the changes that occur during the development of an embryo into a new born child. In humans, like in other species, new life starts as a single cell which is a fertilized egg resulting from the union of a sperm and an ovum. During development, the fertilized egg…

Understanding Cell Respiration Process

Why the Human Body increases Breathing during Exercise During exercise, the human body increases breathing because of the increased demand for energy and increased consumption during the physical activities. The cause for this increase in breathing during exercise is dynamic. During exercise, an individual goes through forced breathing. As one actively participates in exercise, breathing…

Photosynthesis and Semiconductor Based Solar Cells

Photosynthesis is a very important natural process that enhances conversion of solar energy by green plants to chemical energy in the chloroplast. The process occurs during the day in the leaves of green plants. Green plants contain chlorophyll; the green pigment in green plants that is responsible for their color. When solar energy is irradiated…

Intervention Program for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Abstract Post Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) represents a mental health condition set off by a traumatic event through witnessing or experiencing a terrifying situation. There exist a myriad of treatment options for PTSD designed to help the patient regain his or her sense of control and minimize a powerful effect of traumatic memories. The paper…


Autism is an autism spectrum disorders associated with brain development disabilities. In general, every child is affected in different ways. These include effective communication, social interaction, and delay in development (Zwaigenbaum et al., 2005). Children affected by autism may have behavioral challenges and intellectual disabilities. Autism disorder was merged in diagnosis umbrella of ASD (Autism…

Multiple Personality Disorder

The subject of the multiple personality disorder in the nineteenth century excited strong interest in the context of philosophy and psychology that caused its coverage in literary works as well. However, Harry Tucker believes that the use of the theme of a split personality at that time can be defined as a comedy technique applied…