Is It Real That Your Health Has Benefits of Water?

Be sure that you drink enough water to preserve a normal metabolism level and keep your digestive system in good condition. If you have ever wanted to lose weight, you must have heard about weight loss and water. Can water improve your diet? The answer is ambiguous.
If you get your water norm constantly, there are slight chances that more water will help. However, as soon as you understand that there is a lack of water in your life, start drinking it.

Reasons to Drink Water

Metabolism Boost

Amanda Carlson, the director of performance nutrition at Athletes’ Performance, states that, generally, people are not aware whether they drink enough or not enough water. Every single cell depends on your water level. The efficiency of metabolism can become a serious problem if you don’t look after it. The managing director of Baptist Sports Medicine in Nashville states that the metabolism inside you is a system of chemical reactions. If your hydration level decreases at least by 1%, it will immediately cause severe problems in your metabolism.

Hungry? Drink water!

It is quite difficult for a human body to distinguish between hunger and thirst. In most of the times, when you might feel hunger, you just want to drink. A cup of water will definitely satisfy your body, and drinking it before the meal will make you eat less. Renee Melton, the nutrition director of Sensei, confirms these words and adds that a cup of water before dinner will make us more careful. His research showed that people, who drank before eating, got approximately 75 calories less. It may not sound like a big number, but what if you multiply it 365 times, according to the days in the year? Only one cup of water before dinner will preserve you 27,000 calories a year, which is nearly 8 pounds of weight!

Your Stomach Adores Water

Not only proper water consumption regulates the amount of food, but it also helps your body digest it. “Your kidneys are like a filter, but without water, that helps them to function normally, they are almost useless,” states Melton. “You may suffer from constipation if you don’t drink enough fluid.” Moreover, the most common problem of kidney stones is due to the lack of water in your body. Dehydration causes calcium accumulation, which is difficult for your kidneys to filter. Doctors admit that recently there has been an increase in the number of kidney stones in children, in most cases because of dehydration, overweight, and bad diet. Robert Weiss, the Chief of pediatric nephrology at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, says that for the last 15 years, there have hardly been any stones in children. Recently, this tendency has gone the opposite way.

What Is Good for You?

Every person needs a different amount of water for his/her metabolism and digestive system to work properly. Regardless of the existence of constant formula (eight 8-ounces cups a day), every person has his/her minimum. It is proven that the amount of water depends on the weight and height, as well as the lifestyle that a person sticks to.
Consume enough water, follow our best diet tips, and your body will be grateful for this. Do not neglect the importance of drinking water.