Writing an Awesome Application Essay: Useful Tips

Creating an essay to apply for an educational institution can be a challenge for many. But when you know what to do, it becomes rather easy. Keep our writing tips in mind when you begin developing your application essay.

  1. Less is more. Even though there is a lot you can say in your essay, it does not mean that you have to. Pick the topics and facts that actually relate to it and talk about them.
  2. Be selective. Don’t just make a list of your accomplishments but make your essay interesting to read.
  3. Explain your opinions and give examples. Those should be real-life examples and your own points but not cliché.
  4. Make your ideas meaningful. Don’t say phrases, such as “I want to be a doctor because I like to help people.” Everyone who wants to be a doctor will say he/she wants to help other people. Better give a specific example of how someone inspired you and caused an interest in a profession of a doctor. Say why it affected you so much. Manifest your enthusiasm and dedication to your values.
  5. Help your reader. Facilitate your reader’s understanding of your writing by demonstrating your potential. Tell why you are pursuing this particular major. Make your reasons precise.
  6. Follow the instructions. Be sure that you have answered all the required questions in your essay.
  7. Cover your bases. Pay attention to describing your relevant experiences and successes. If you have any inconsistencies in your record, make sure to explain them.
  8. Proofread your essay. There should be absolutely no grammatical errors, typos or spelling mistakes in your essay. Remember that any of them are similar to having a bad breath or wrinkled clothes on your job interview. They give an impression that you lack professionalism and can be used against you, especially in case there are hundreds of other candidates applying for the same position. Therefore, make sure that your essay is written perfectly. Proofread it by yourself or let your parents, friends or teachers do this to make it immaculate.

You can find more helpful tips on the website of the educational institution you’re applying for. Search for frequently asked questions and read them carefully. Make sure you understand all the requirements to create a perfect essay.