Will Technology take over the World?

Will Technology take over the World? Look at the answer in this Research Paper Sample

Will Robots Take Over Mankind?

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Elon Musk


A brief history

CEO-Tesla Motors & Space X

Scientist/A brief history of the world/A.I.



I robot



Super intelligent robots powered by A.I. could exterminate humans in the near future.

  • Smarter and stronger self aware robots/terminators
  • Humans-limited by slow biological revolution
  • Robots could redesign itself faster

Sentiments seem to collaborate the themes of sci-fi movies.

  • matrix and I robot
  • Science fiction being turned into science reality

Singularity – new productivity paradox.

Accelerating returns.

Singularity. A time when computers will take over and enhance mankind’s capabilities.

Already taking shape in the form of new productivity paradox e.g.

  • Computer taking jobs
  • Transformation getting outside of factories to legal research, creative work in arts & culture
  • Accelerating returns-more production/more returns on investment
  • unimaginable becoming commonplace

According to Elon Musk, the CEO of Space X and Tesla Motors super powerful terminators powered by human-level artificial intelligence might exterminate mankind in the near future, and for this reason, people need to be careful with artificial intelligence as he believes it is much more powerful than nukes (Antony, 2014). There are fears that technological singularity (hypothetical arrival of artificial intelligence where the computers and robots become self aware, self improve, design and repair better robots than themselves) will finally take over. Already, there are instances where the use of advanced technologies is rendering man jobless, especially in factories, and now, it is happening in legal research and creative work fields. At the moment, this is seen as enhancing man’s capabilities in terms of production and returns (Walters, 2014). However, until that time arrives, it is hard to predict what will happen.

Advancement of Weaponry Technologies & the Near Downfall of Mankind?


Since the beginning, technology has improved human life.


  • New technology has made life easier and better

New technology improved our lives.

  • People continue to rely on technology in their daily life

Everything is as a result of technology.


Technology dependence

When technology fails or misused?

Everything surrounding the mankind is as a result of technology



Dependence on technology could result in undesired outcomes if it fails or is misused.

Cold war.

Nuclear war.

Downfall of mankind


Oct, 15th,1962

Advancement in weaponry technology:

  • Two superpowers with advanced nuclear weapons.
  • October 1962 inches form a nuclear war between the US and the USSR.
  • Cold war escalated when the USSR assisted Cuba to have missiles.
  • Threat to peace, potential war fallout leading to mass destruction and eventual downfall of mankind.


Technology has impacted and improved the lives of everyone since the genesis of human life on earth. The advancement in technology has made life safer and easier. Computers, weapons, cars and virtually everything is as a result of new technological advancements (Delong, 2014). Although there are advantages of technology usage, this dependence on technology could trigger untold pain and chaos if something fails or is misused. History has proven again and again that when new technology is abused or fails, the outcomes are catastrophic.

A good example when technology almost led to the downfall of Mankind is October, 15th 1962 during Cuba’s missile crisis. The decision by the USSR to help Cuba build missiles led to a severe escalation of cold war hostilities between the USSR and the US and almost resulted in break out of a nuclear war. These two super powers both had sophisticated nuclear technologies, which if unleashed could have led to the eventual fallout of mankind.

Therefore, technology ought to be kept under control as due to the fact of these excessive advancements for global power; it remarkably could have triggered the downfall of mankind (Standifer, 2012)

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Is Advancement in Technology Killing Jobs?


Advancement in technology

Artificial Intelligence

  • Experts have warned that fast improving AI may trigger mass job losses

Mass unemployment

  • Improvements in AI are already creating short term issues in UK


  • Professions endangered by forces of ‘progress’

Disappearing jobs


Social upheavals

Rising inequality/OECD report

Technology suspected of causing rising income inequality across the US/the UK/Germany.

  • Wage decrease/lower class
  • Wide gap between rich and poor as reported by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Inequality undermining economic growth
  • Crime increase everywhere
  • Human disruption

Is there hope for new jobs?

New Careers

New jobs created:

  • New skills set
  • Not replaceable by new tech, problem solving, creativity, entrepreneurship

Unemployment impacts

In 1800, most people in the UK working as agricultural workers

Introduction of labor saving machinery:

  • food produced with few workers
  • people lost jobs as farms used more machines.
  • New jobs to produce machines


People Vs Software

Greater benefits

  • Armies of Expensive Lawyers, Replaced by Cheaper. Software.


  • Expenses: platoons of men vs. software (cost $2.2m to analyze 6m documents in 1978; cost $100,000 to analyze the same).

Retail sector

  • Video on demand/games streaming/ iTunes killing CDs/DVDs & play station.
  • Self checkout lanes in super markets.
  • Contraction in employment


  • Luddites fallacy in 19th century: textile workers who violently broke textile machines.
  • Higher unemployment is not caused by new technology.

Luddites fallacy

  • Fear of machines taking away their jobs and livelihoods.
  • Luddite-a person opposing new technology.

New advancements in technology are already creating disruptions in the western world. According to (Tovey, 2014), robots and computers could take over 10 million UK jobs over the next two decades. According to Vincent (2015), major developments in Artificial intelligence may lead to serious job losses triggering social upheavals.

These social upheavals (fears) were first observed in Luddites via Luddites fallacy – a type of fear exhibited by textile workers who in 19th century feared that introduction of textile machines would take over their jobs and livelihood and thus reacted by violently destroying textile machines.

Commenting on a recent report by Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Stewart (2015) claimed that technology is already being suspected of causing inequalities in the western world resulting in elevated levels of crimes, human disruption and even technological unemployment.

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Some of the impacts triggered by advancements in new technology include creation of new jobs and skills set. New technology mean more benefits for the mankind including faster and efficient production .On the other hand, technology, with all its benefits, is also rendering other people jobless: e.g., in the retail self checkout lanes, it means less manpower while video streaming and other technological innovations, which is slowly making the DVD rental business obsolete (Delong, 2014).

Is Technology the Leading Cause of Global Environmental Degradation?

Technology and environment pollution.

Is technology to blame?

Living conditions.

Progress = technological advancement.

Progress of human race results in

  • Environment pollution and exploitation of mother earth
  • Technology & pollution

Example: Advancement in technology during industrial revolution led to massive pollution. Excuse – to improve human condition/life.

Newer technologies have increased pollution

  • More cars/locomotives means more pollution
  • Use of Plastics
  • E-waste nightmare
  • Radioactive waste
  • Famine and drought
  • More industries lead to increased pollution
  • More cities – direct exposure to environmental degradation
  • Green house effect

After math

Health risks




Application of technology to address pollution


  • Leads to health related problems
  • Breathing problems
  • Cancer
  • Environmental degradation
  • Global warming
  • Exhaustion of natural resources
  • Famine
  • Newer cleaner technologies/regulations
  • Evaluation

Throughout the centuries, mankind revolutionized the entire world through the progression of technology for a better world to live in. This was especially so during the industrial revolution when man was able to use advanced technology to rapidly extract natural resources to enhance his living conditions .Unfortunately, this came with a great cost to environmental degradation. The use of advanced technologies has greatly contributed to serious cases of pollution, which threatens human existence unless proper regulatory measures and polices are taken to address the issue of environmental pollution, which is a ticking bomb (Han, 2012).

Have we Become Slaves to Modern Technologies?

Improvement in modern life

Social interaction

Robots with brains


Excessive dependence on technology

Given people’s freedom



Advancement in technology has improved human modern life:

  • Communication
  • Automate tasks

Eliminated need for

  • social interaction
  • face to face communication

People have become addicted to technology:

  • Excessive dependence
  • Uncomfortable without products of technological innovations
  • Not satisfied with current innovations in technology

Costs of new technology

Gifts of technology /warheads

True nature of the soul


Price of technological innovations

  • Health hazards
  • Environmental issues
  • World at risk of ruins
  • Capital intensive technology can cause displacement
  • People have forgotten themselves.
  • No time to enjoy nature

The advancement of technology has completely transformed modern living. In the last two centuries, technology has completely changed a whole spectrum across all the spheres of life so that it is hard to survive without it .This excessive dependence on modern technology has basically eliminated the need for face to face communication and has even made people feel comfortable without it.(Ramey,2012)

Unfortunately, this dependence has eliminated people’s freedoms, made them become lazy (robots with brains), turned them into slaves of technologies and pushed the costs of acquiring technological innovations to the roof in terms of health hazards (e.g. radiation), environmental issues, the risk of war, mass displacements, among others (Leepsa,2012).

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