Why Are You Here

Why Are You Here Free Essay Sample


Attending school is one of the comprehensive methods to gain knowledge which helps in dealing with issues that surround our day-to-day lives. It is imperative that parents take up responsibility and take their children to school as this helps children learn to manage situations on their own. This, in turn, helps a child possess the intellectual ability.

My name is Tiffany and I school at Black Hawk. My main aim for being here is to learn and probably someday be an influential figure in the community. I am also striving hard to ensure that I shape my future which lies ahead. By learning, I would be setting standards through performance hence prepare myself diligently for the job market.

I chose to school at Black Hawk due to a number of preferences I considered. Black Hawk’s proximity to our home makes it less expensive for my learning. I do not have to pay for hostel fees or incur transport charges which might hinder my parents’ capacity to educate me. As an institution, the school has an average size class which makes learning conducive and effective. Teachers here are very friendly and above all, the learning process is at par with the expected standards thus making the school produce outstanding results.


With regard to attending Black Hawk School, I am assured of my performance. The school re-known for its magnificent performance and teachers here are qualified and meet responsibilities to the fullest. With this, I conclude by giving thumbs up to the school directors who oversee the management process hence giving us student’s quality services for our money.

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