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Traveling to our favorite places or unknown lands requires a lot of planning and resources. Though touring and visiting places is an activity that ends in only zealous experiences, suitable arrangements have to be made beforehand. Using websites, for travel tickets or hotel bookings has emerged as an easier and faster means of turning our traveling plans of all sorts to a reality. Online travel sites like Expedia and Travelocity are like travel agents which relieve us from the hassles of getting reservations for flight tickets or hotels or car rentals in few mouse clicks. Travelocity opens up with the grand aura of the Taj Mahal with its reflections shimmering on the waters of the river Yamuna. The web link promotes the ethereal beauty of featured destinations in India through its sister site. The user can view the “NO FEES” tag on flight bookings at the first sight. The design of the website confirms its strong linkage with nature. The travel may seem to be a very soothing experience to any visitor and one is lured to opt for a journey or an outing to relax away from the daily hustle and bustle of the busy life. An idea of quick relief is suggested through a gag series aired on weeknights on GSN. The tab Experience Finder provides for a destination search along with tools and a theme to plan your trip in more exciting ways. The expanding wish list adds to the charisma to a fun filled itinerary. Expedia demonstrates the bounties of nature by highlighting the spring season. The enchanting butterfly flutters ahead dispersing the joy it renders by hopping on the various offers and deals available on the bookings. The site promises huge savings and extensive search at all possible places. A separate tab on deals and offers outlines and explains most of the offers and can easily be spotted. Any enthusiastic user would love to click on this tab first. According to TopTenREVIEWS, Expedia ranks second and Travelocity fourth. Expedia has been an easily navigable site for the not so web savvy. The visitors have enjoyed exploring the site even if they are not planning a trip. The “Cruise Expert” guarantees a low price and helps you in your last minute plans. Expedia has been serving for quite a long time and has maintained its credibility. It has spent a lot of time in perfecting itself. Travelocity can ensure you through its “Travel Protection Plans”. Some customers have complained of additional charges but such woos and worries have not been substantial. “Citizen Journalism” adds many “Local Secrets” which has reviews on restaurants and places to visit. One can get alerts on suddenly reduced fares. A recent additional feature is the “Price Guarantee”. The customer support has been cited as not a satisfactory one. Links like “contact us” have been reported not working. The site lags behind in resources and many people have found it not easily navigable.

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I would like to book my domestic travels through Travelocity, as I like the ExperienceFinder tab which employs a lot of search options and can cater to my favorite themes of travel like visiting museums and rock climbings. For overseas travel, I would choose Expedia as I can contact their customer support for inquiries related to fares and plan a trip at a low price. I find the Travelocity site very attractive and filled with vibrant color effects. The hues and backgrounds are rich enough to capture anybody's attention. The appearance has a positive appeal which enlivens the mind of all aspiring travelers. There is no major difference in the functioning of the two sites and any of them can be chosen for checking out the rates and planning a trip. The final decision depends on the availability of reservations and booking on one's choice of travel means and options of stay.

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