Ways to Use Your Smartphone During School

Before the smartphones, there was another world and it was better. Too bad we can’t really remember it now. Tell a teenager that his parents were growing without a smartphone and you will see a very funny impression on his face.

Nowadays smartphones are everywhere and almost everyone owns it. More than 85% of people aged between 18 and 34 own and operate a smartphone. A couple of sentences before, we have made a bold statement that world was better without smartphones. It was actually a joke. In reality, smartphone era has its pros and cons. Let’s examine the good and the bad influences that smartphones have on students’ lives.

The Bright Side of the Smartphones: The Apps

You can use your smartphone in a good way by utilizing student app or apps that can be very useful for studying. Apps may be very different depending on what device you own – Galaxy, iPhone, Nexus etc. In any case, there are apps for any device that can benefit your study and schedule. Actually, it’s a crime not use your smartphone for studies in the 21st century. You can use flashcard apps, PDF readers, language apps and scheduling apps to make your academic life simpler and more organized. If students from 15 years ago would hear about a pocket calendar that can remind them about the forthcoming exam, they wouldn’t believe it, but now it’s a common capability of any smartphone device that most of the students own.

The Dark Side of Smartphones: Source of Distraction

You knew this was coming! Smartphones are guilty of decreasing attention span and increasing procrastination. Just as you can create an outstanding study space and make your smartphone a tool for boosting your studies, you can use it to get dumber and do nothing. Sounds harsh, but that’s what happens when you senselessly scroll this endless social media feed or play games which give you nothing but some virtual scores. Seconds of scrolling turn into minutes, minutes turn to hours and there you go – a wasted afternoon! People should use their smartphones to get better and not to degenerate.

One More Side: The Constant Connection

Connection is another advantage of the smartphone. When you become a student you have less time to communicate with your loved ones and some people even risk becoming isolated. Although virtual communication can’t replace real handshakes and smiles, it’s definitely better than nothing.   If you want to experience a more realistic communication, you can use video chat feature and see faces of people who you love. Even a quick chat with your old friends can make you feel better and forget about loneliness. Thirty years ago people had to write letters by hand and wait for days or weeks till they arrive and now messages are delivered in an instant. Just make sure that real face-to-face communication remains a priority for you and virtual communication is used when you’re short of time or no other options are available.

All in all, a smartphone can be a very useful tool if utilized wisely.