5 Ways to Maintain Lifelong Friendships

Friendship is extremely important not only for your social life, but also for your physical and mental wellness. So you certainly need to savor and protect relationships with your friends. Do you want to know how to keep friendships strong enough to last a lifetime? Or do you want to get a piece of advice in fixing a friendship that seems to be falling apart? You'll find the answers to both of these questions in this article!

Find the answers to your questions in this article!

1. Be Honest.

To make your friendship solid, both of you need to be honest from the very beginning. Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Only if you trust each other, you can be called friends! Only if you're honest with each other, you can talk about personal things and ask personal questions that you'd never ask anyone else. And it's also important to be able to tell the bitter truth at certain moments.

2. Repair Misunderstandings.

Sometimes (when we're angry, irritated or just tired), you may say something you didn't really mean. And this thing can turn out to be more hurtful for your friend than you thought. None of us is perfect and we all make mistakes. The thing is that you need to accept this mistake and apologize for it. If you truly value this friendship, set your pride aside and fix the situation. In the future, find the way to say what you think without hurting your friend's feelings.

3. Show Appreciation.

In any kind of relationship, sometimes we forget to show gratitude and slip into routine. Don't do this. Don't take your friend for granted. Express your feelings, take actions and show that your appreciate them. Be generous and show your interest in what your friend is doing. Make sure that your friend feels your care. And you can be sure that you will get it all in return.

4. Lower Your Expectations.

Rather than imposing expectations, look at relationships objectively and accept them as they are. It doesn't mean that you don't have to do anything to improve them. It means that you should accept people's flaws, natural ability to make mistakes and act in the way we don't want them to act. Don't think that you know what your friends are thinking about – better ask a direct question and find out. Don't attack them if their viewpoints differ from yours, we're all different and we have the gift of communication to help us solve our disputes.

5. Be Compassionate.

If you always try to be right, rather than do right, then you will have a high risk of spoiling your relationships with people. It's easy to be cynical, but difficult to be compassionate. You should understand that compassion is one of the main companions of any relationship, and cynicism and attempts to be always right are among our worst enemies.