Watching Culture Evolve Through Film

Watching Culture Evolve Through Film Free Art and Culture Essay Sample
  1. George A. Romero’s film Dawn of the Dead (1978) is very deep. George A. Romero shows all the problems of the society in the movie. He depicts the relationships between people in critical situations and how they change under the pressure. Also, he shows people's life values: love, friendship, power, family, freedom, and so on. Besides, the director describes people's cultural habits in the sphere of material, spiritual, social, and physical cultures. Furthermore, he mentioned personal and collective culture in the film. In my opinion, these elements are the best to present and characterize any society.
  2. There is no doubt that much of our culture has altered since that time. The first thing that catches the eye is the change in material culture. Today, we have new buildings and structures, lines of communication and means of transport, connection and communication, technology, clothing, and so on. Each of the above components has long surpassed the achievements of the 80s of the last century. Also, spiritual culture underwent notable changes. Under the influence of globalization, the ideas, beliefs, and feelings in our minds became different. Besides, it enhanced the individualization of the society.
  3. I think that the values of our society related to the social and physical sphere of culture are the same as in the film. Regarding the social culture, we preserve the respect for people in despair and danger; we favor mutual openness to communication, "smart" heroism, the ability to sacrifice yourself for the others, as well as have dignity and honor the memory of the dead. In the sphere of the physical culture, we maintain the ability, albeit partially, to lead a healthy lifestyle, keep ourselves in a good shape regardless of the circumstances, and follow the rules of hygiene. This allows us to respect and the differences in behavior depending on the gender or age of a person.
  4. The language of the actors in the film, in my opinion, is very close to the literary English. I almost did not hear any dialect or neologisms; we can say that it was a typical conversational English. There were a lot of obscene words inside; however, it was required by the film’s genre. I have not heard the words that we seldom hear today, except for those related to weapons. Maybe, because of that I was well-acquainted with the subject of the film. That is why it seemed that all the words are typical for our modern life.
  5. The director created zombies slow, stupid, and weak. They are the example of our society. We are often dead in our daily lives although we are physically alive. We are frequently too slow and indecisive on the way to our desires and goals. Also, we forget about the necessity to care for our health; thus, we become physically weak. Besides, we often live according to our instincts in searching food, money, new jobs, cars, and so on. As we can see, there is an analogy between human beings and zombies.

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