Interesting Topics for Writing an Essay about Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are something every one of us is concerned with. That’s why writing essays on these topics is a very common practice. You don’t have to be a medical student or a future doctor to write about health because in most cases this subject has little to do with the sciences of health studies. In addition, everyone has their own experience with wellbeing so when professors assign this topic, they usually expect to get some very personal input.

When you get an assignment to write about health and wellness, it’s always a good idea to narrow the subject down. That’s when you might need some inspiration to decide what exactly you should write about, read the topic suggestions below.

Writing topic ideas that can become the starting point of your essay:

  1. Why physical exercises are good not only for your body but also for the mind.
  2. Alzheimer’s disease among young people.
  3. Inspiring others to take care of their health.
  4. The connection between winter and weight loss.
  5. How to find time for fitness sessions and make them regular.
  6. The truth behind energy healing.
  7. Negative thoughts: how to turn them the other way round.
  8. The correlation between one’s mindset and wellbeing.
  9. Can the right food be the secret to eternal youth?
  10. Is having friends a part of a healthy lifestyle? Or why friendship is important not only for your social life.
  11. The influence of social media on people’s wellbeing.
  12. How to understand whether your family member or friend is depressed.
  13. Why your sleep patterns determine your health.
  14. Staying happy in a natural way.
  15. How supermarkets form our vision of wellbeing.
  16. What is a health strategy and how can you create it?
  17. The positive influence of dogs on your health and wellness.
  18. How the idea of health is seen different from cultures and traditions of other countries.
  19. Accepting aging gracefully.
  20. Mentally ill parents: accepting and dealing with it.

Luckily, writing about health is not the most difficult thing because besides your own experience you can always find a lot of materials online and in the library. People have always been fascinated with this vital part of their life so a lot of researches have been undertaken. So it doesn’t matter which prompt you choose, each has a potential to be developed.

As you can see, it’s a lot more interesting and productive to focus on a more specific topic rather than health and well-being in general. Don’t feel like you have to use these precise given prompts. They can become an inspiration to come up with something that is interesting just for you and can even be developed into a research if you happen to write a more extensive paper. As long as you’re not bored with the topic, it will work out great.