Top 10 Narrative Essay Topics

There are few students who can write stories in an interesting and effective way. For this reason, writing a narrative essay can become a real challenge. In this type of essay, the student has to tell a particular story based on the requirements of his/her teacher. To avoid being confused and overwhelmed with writing, check out our creative writing ideas and learn how to choose the best narrative essay topics!

How to choose a good narrative essay topic

If you have to write a narrative essay about yourself, you can select one of the following topics:

  • What childhood experience affected you the most
  • How your first relationship taught you about love
  • What you can learn about life from a baby
  • How your relationship failure affected you and what it taught you
  • How you learned to value your parents and what they do for you
  • Why you respect seniors and what you’ve learned from them in your life
  • How raising a pet influenced you
  • Why meeting and talking to a stranger could impact your life in a profound way
  • Why you and your best friend can drift apart
  • How you learned the lesson of kindness to everyone around by saving the life of a person you don’t know

It is always better to choose the topic that relates to your real-life experience. Don’t pick the one you have nothing to tell about, unless you’re a really good writer and can describe the things that actually didn’t happen to you. Of course, you can make things up in a narrative essay or give it some details that didn’t take place in a real life, but you should do this in a proper way.

Consider these tips for your success:

  • Don’t add the details you can’t incorporate in your story
  • Use the proper kind of sensory details, if you include any in your essay
  • Be sure to use proper pacing, which means avoiding hastily zipping through the details
  • Don’t add too many details to avoid making your reader bored
  • Write in a way to engage your reader into your writing and have them read your essay till the end.

Write an excellent narrative essay and get the highest grade for it. You’re bound to be successful if you use our tips!