Tips for Writing 5 Page Research Paper

Research paper writing is an inseparable constituent of any course in high school, college, or university. It helps students to master their academic writing skills and learn how to properly conduct research in any field. By researching many different subjects, students can identify what interests them most, and thus they will be one step more confident regarding what career they would like to have in the future. Thus, research paper assignments are great as they help students get solid knowledge in different subjects.

Every research paper assignment requires a unique approach in writing to ensure that the paper you work on is of high quality, original, and free from plagiarism. The most frequent task students get is to write a five-page research paper. Learning how to write this research paper requires you to be able to discuss and analyze the topic in a brief and coherent way. Writing five pages greatly differs from writing 20 pages, therefore, you must be as succinct as possible.

How to Write a 5 Page Research Paper?

To sum up, learning how to deliver a five-page research paper will require from the student or researcher to conduct an in-depth research on the topic and find the most interesting aspects of the subject that are worth discussion. Apart from merely presenting some information, it is equally important to bring some novice into the paper and make sure your paper boasts your originality of thought and analytical thinking.

  1. Make sure you write down a plan for your research paper. It will ease the task of organizing each section. Remember that you must have an executive summary (which provides a paper overview), an introduction, main body, and conclusion.
  2. To make it easier to navigate through the paper, make sure to provide sub headings. If they are slightly longer than usual, make sure you extract their word count from the total one. The number of words you are required to write involve only the main body of the research.
  3. When writing a research paper, make sure that the layout of the material is understandable for an average reader. Remember: the research paper should make readers understand the material better and get the required information rather than be filled with questions what the paper is about. If there is some terminology that you cannot omit or change into simpler words, make sure that you interpret them.
  4. If you have the task to present a short overview of your research paper in front of other people, make sure you take into account the target audience when delivering the presentation. Make sure you make it interesting and informative for the audience. If the audience is not aware of the subject you are talking about, make sure you provide sufficient background information and interpret all the facts that may cause some confusion or misunderstanding.
  5. If the target audience is well-versed in the subject, make sure to focus on some recent findings and demonstrate your solid knowledge in the topic.