Threats Posed by an Enemy Country

Threats Poser by an Enemy Country Free Essay

Threats Posed by an Enemy Country

The main idea in the article is on how change can help in dealing with challenges and counter the threats posed by an enemy country. Also, the article describes ways in which the United Nations and any country could deal with a crime committed by another country.

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In trying to counter threats it’s somehow right to act before the enemy strikes because this will prevent much impact being experienced by the recipient. This is evident when it was perceived that the United States had the right to attack opponents before they did so. In cases where peace doesn’t seem to work the military force is used as a backing tool in trying to address crime unrest. The United Nations has defined occasions where force may be necessary and has given guidelines on how to apply force. It has resulted in the formation international laws which aim at governing the use of force in the name of self-defense. An example would be the prohibition of the use of force in states like Kuwait in 1990.

The article starts by explaining how a strike can be made before an attack is made. It proceeds to show how collective measures can be taken when using force in cases where peace has not stroked a deal. Further, in the article, there is an overview of how force can be used for self-defense and its guidelines described from the resolutions of the United Nations conventions. Finally, there is a brief history that explains how the international laws were derived.

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In conclusion, I would strongly agree with the author because the use of force for genuine self-defense is good in terms of protecting the citizens from external attacks. Similarly allowing the Security Council to determine on the enforcement of laws leaves individual countries with no chance of exercising its own interest as far as force is concerned. However, I disagree with the author on the point that one should attack before an enemy strikes because this can result in an attack on a country which was perceived to have an intention to strike and in a real sense it hadn’t.

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