Top 5 Things You Can Do on Friendship Day

Friendship Day is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of August in order to help us honor the power of friendship in our lives. Ways to celebrate Friendship Day can be very different – from small gifts to a joint trip with friends. Here are the top 5 ideas that you can use to make an unforgettable Friendship Day celebration this year.

Top 5 Ideas That You Can Use to Make an Unforgettable Friendship Day Celebration This Year

Spend Time with Your Friend(s)

Unfortunately, as we become mature and create families, we are not able to find much time for our friends. Use this day to move friendship from the back seat to the front row and spend this whole day with your dear friend or friends. Select the activity that all of you enjoy and get together. The main thing is to plan everything in advance.

Send Thoughtful Messages and Notes

    • We celebrate this day to honor the power and the spirit of friendship, so it would be appropriate to make friendly gestures towards your friends. It shouldn’t be something complicated, a simple sign of attention would be enough for your friends to understand that you cherish and remember them. Here are several ways to show your appreciation:
    • Post a photo or video to your friend’s Facebook timeline
    • Send your friend a short tweet and tell him or her why it’s great to share friendship
    • Write a short note explaining why your friendship means so much to you. Be precise in regards to what you want to say. Rather than just stating that you appreciate friendship, write “thanks for helping me so much with kids”.
    • Write a few memories of pleasant experiences that you had together on little pieces of paper and put them in a jar. Even better option is to create a memory journal for your friend.

Make Small Gifts

Another easy way to celebrate Friendship Day is to present small gifts. The main thing about these gifts is not how much they cost, but what meaning they have for that person. Here are some ideas:

  • Present a cool picture of two of you together in a beautiful frame. An excellent gift for those friends with whom you have a long history of relationships
  • Give your friend his or her favorite treat baked by you and put it in a beautiful box Present a friendship gift book
  • Present a friendship gift book

Give Friendship Bracelets

It’s a cool thing, which both kids and adults admire. Friendship bracelets were even spotted on the wrists of some celebrities, which means that they’re really popular. You can create a friendship bracelet on your own or present your friend a high-end bracelet.

Don’t Limit the Atmosphere of Friendship Day to Just One Day

The best thing you can on Friendship Day is to understand that it’s not the only day for friendship. Strong friendships are nurtured continually and scrupulously, so you need to devote a lot of time if you want to have such friendship. Friendship Day is a great day to remind people that we need friends in order to sustain a happy life.