The Value of Friendship

Hanging out with friends is not only fun but also beneficial for your physical and emotional wellness. It’s actually as important for your health as proper diet and physical activity! Multiple studies have already proved that healthy relations with friends help an individual attain personal goals, make life more pleasing and reduce stress. Let’s take a close look at the real health benefits that appear after unwinding with your soulmates.

Different studies have emphasized the significance of positive relationships with friends for health and wellbeing.

Their findings include such benefits as:

  • Healthier aging. Multiple surveys have shown that socially engaged people age in a more enjoyable way. For example, women who are over 60 and spend much time with their friends and family are proved to be happier.
  • Achievement of fitness goals. Your mates can make it easier too by encouraging you and sharing their own experiences and thoughts. Such relationships definitely increase your willpower and help you succeed!
  • Boosted happiness. If you have a person around you who’s constantly joyful, you’re bound to become joyful as well. Studies show that happiness can spread throughout the social group and even extend to people outside the group. Other studies also reveal that the individuals who have friends consider themselves happier than those who have not. Isn’t it a good reason to spread the channel of communication?
  • Easier coping with grief. Multiple studies have proved this one as well. For instance, parents who lost a baby during pregnancy or after birth say that they wouldn’t be able to handle their grief without the support of their friends and family members. On the contrary, those who were socially alone experienced the worsening of their sorrow. These shoulders to cry on can provide such support as offering their sympathy and encouragement, listening, or just being physically present. They may also offer practical help, such as making funeral arrangements or preparing meals. All of these make overcoming the grief much easier.
  • Boosted immune system. If you’re socially engaged, you tend to have more positive emotions, thus contributing to your naturally improved immune system and reduced stress. All health experts agree on that point.

As you can see, good relationships with friends have numerous physical and emotional health benefits. For this reason, maintaining positive relationships with your pals is very important. But you shouldn’t join a group of friends only because you can benefit from them. It’s also crucial to be a good friend yourself and provide your mates with similar benefits. Give them your support and necessary advice, help them reduce their stress when hard times come and infect them with your happiness. It certainly feels good to help your friends. After all, sharing your happiness doesn’t make it smaller. It only increases your joyfulness.