The Ross School of Business

The Ross School of Business Free Essay

My decision to choose the Ross School of Business is informed by a number of factors which give me impetus to believe that my presence in the school will make me achieve my goal. For a long time, business has fascinated me and this has served as a motivating factor for me to pursue a business related course. In my early school years, I had the opportunity to work in my grandparents company when I was home during the holidays. My involvement in the business process while I was young made me realize the potential that I have of becoming a successful business man. Taking this into consideration, I became aware of the need for me to take a business course in an institution that has the ability to produce graduates with high qualification. As student, I have always wanted to be associated with successful institutions given that this has always been a sign excellence. With the school taking the best students, I am positive that my qualification matches your requirements. As a result, I chose the Ross School of Business given its reputation as a successful business school and its ability to produce seasoned graduates who have continued to shape the business industry. With the success exemplified by Ross School of Business, I am positive that my enrollment in a business course will allow me to graduate as one of the leading students. With a goal of exceling in business, I see that the Ross School of Business to be a positive match for me.

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Ultimately, I envision being able to achieve my goal of being a success business man once I graduate from the Ross School of Business. Therefore, my goal of being a success business person with high qualification informs my application for consideration at the Ross School of Business. In addition, I have extensively research on the curriculum that is being used in the Ross School of business. To my surprise, I noted that the curriculum integrates course work, projects and experiential work in the business world in order to produce qualified graduates. Knowing this has influenced my decision to take business not to mention applying for consideration at the Ross school of business. As a result of the curriculum being used at the school of business, I am well aware that it matches well with my experiences and interest. For instance, I have been able to work on a number of projects with one being on Eli Broad who was the former CEO of AIG. Broad was graduated from Michigan University. With my experience in projects, I see myself being able to derive benefit from the curriculum which will inevitably shape me into a well-rounded business person. In consonant with the curriculum, I have had several experiences in business. I have worked at the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation where I gained hands on experience of how transactions are done. Moreover, I was able to work in the Hang Seng Bank Limited as a credit promoted. Without doubt, these experiences will give me an edge and a chance to exploit the curriculum well. Needless to say, the curriculum intrigues me given that it founded on three pillars that are critical in the business world today. With my enrollment in the Ross School of Business, I the curriculum propelling me into becoming an influential business person with the ability infuse experience, skills and knowledge into the business world. Furthermore, the presence of a well-developed student career service at the university compels me into seeking a chance in the Ross school of Business. With a robust student service, the school of Business is central in equipping graduates strategies and opportunities to find the career of the dreams. With my enrolment in the Ross School of Business, I am convinced that I will utilize this opportunity to get an employee of my choice.

Given that my focus is to graduate from the Ross School of Business with high credential, the student service will prove essential in connecting me with one of the fortune companies in the world. My ambition to achieve different goals transcends that classroom environment. Apart from doing my best in the class room, my participation in other events and activities demonstrates the unique qualities in my possession. During my school life, I have had the desire to given a helping hand to those that that are unfortunate in the society. Having had the privilege of staying with my grandparent, I had the opportunity to watch them on how they conducted the business as well as extend their help to the poor in their neighborhood. As a result, I was touched to offer help where possible with all the resource I could lay my hands on. In the process, I took part in many volunteering activities when we had time away from the classroom. Often, I took part in making visits to children's home while in China. During this visits, I made sure that I interacted with the children giving them hope that they can rise above all odds. Apart from visiting the children home, I have taken part in various cleaning programs. In these programs I worker with other students during cleanup exercise which gave allowed me to realize importance of keeping our environment clean. As a result of such exercises, I have reinforced my values of hard work and responsibility. Hopefully, I am going get an opening of putting these values into use once I enroll at the Ross School of Business. Apart from taking part in voluntary work, I participated in various leadership positions which gave me the opportunity to utilize my leadership skills. In fall of 2009, I was a member of the student government where I was able to server my fellow students in different occasions.

As a member of the student government, I was tasked in organizing the club functions at different time of the semester. My role in organization allowed me to meet other student and work with them in planning and prioritizing activities with the aim of making the club succeed. While doing the organization work, I was able to acquire experience in leading and directing activities that made our club successful in the whole school. In addition, I was my post called for me to distribute funds for various functions undertaken in the club. As result, it used analytical skills and critical thinking to help me carry out this role. Inevitably, I managed to ensure that all the activities received enough funds. Despite my desire to lead, I faced challenges quite often than I had expected. Nevertheless, I managed to resolve the challenges using various strategies which entailed listening to complaints and reasoning with those in conflict. In the end, I became one of the leaders whose efforts shaped the club. As an international student, I am well aware of the challenges that other students face while in new environments. This is one of the reasons that made me devote my time and experience in helping other international student settle and derive the best out of their school life. This goal has made me take part in activities and events organized by clubs concerned with foreign students. In the process, I have been able to make other international students cope with new environment more easily as well as appreciate the diversity and their role in being part of it. Evidently, I have been able to improve the expectation of many new students in new school. Furthermore, I have been a speaker in various forums related college life particularly for new students. By taking part in the forums, I have managed to deliver talks on a number of areas such as time management and conflict resolution. Without doubt, I have managed to touch the lives of different students in college. With this background, I am anxious to develop them further for the the benefit of other people as well as myself.

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