The Role of Women

The Role of Women Free Essay

The development of modern society raises the question of equality between the sexes and triggers contradictory views about the traditional gender roles. Today’s time of changes promotes the understanding of gender roles in the pursuit of personal and public welfare. Today the gender evolution takes more vibrant shapes and underlines the need to define the roles of men and women in the society. With regard to the existing observation of the points of views, it is possible to split the public opinions into several sides. However, the view of Mill in “The Subjection of Women” seems to be most appropriate for the modern way of thinking. The ideas discussed in the above paper are confirmed by the work of other contributors. Although the significance of the women’s role in society is increasing, there are still a considerable amount of prejudices regarding the women’s activities that one has to overcome due to the changes in traditional roles of sexes.

The society is continuously changing owing to the new phase of the revision of established values and standards that characterizes the current stage of its development. It is interesting to follow these changes due to the alternation of the meaning of gender roles, making them totally different from the ones existing in the past. Apparently, this can be supported by the fact that the traditional views are criticized, the terms of masculinization and feminization appear, and the potential opportunities of each sex to perform the actions that are typical of the opposite sex emerge. However, the changes cover not only the question of physicality and perception of selves, but they also concern the acceptance of other people, the awareness of the diversity and uniqueness of the person.

As society develops in a multicultural reality, the existing beliefs about the traditional and correct representation of the sexes and their social mission become questionable. Due to this, the role of men and women begin to blur and acquire the features of each other. In the foreground, there are stereotypes about the success and relevance of equality. Thus, women leave the family and become involved in public affairs. In fact, these changes are also stimulated by the development of female characters, which have been actively positioned in different socio-economic circumstances and historical periods. Such stimulation of female progressive activity forms the new role of a woman in the modern society, which has considerably changed.

The role of a woman should be equal to the role of a man. Therefore, this forms the system of equality, the imminent appearance of which was mentioned in “The Subjection of Women” by John Stuart Mill. His essay relates to the 19th century, which was full of ideas about the inferiority of a woman as well as her intellectual and physical backwardness. As a result, this created a basis for opposition from future generations of women and even men. The need for female liberation from subjection, determining their behavior at that time, is confirmed by the desire of women to be not restrained by the norms of the society. For a long time, women were unable to perform certain tasks. The reason for this was not their incapacity and therefore inferiority, but the male prohibition. The prolonged failure to understand the female potential should open the way for their inclusion in public affairs and the possession of the same rights as men have. Thus, the creation of equal conditions can show the natural characteristics of men and women. Hence, one can assume that equal rights will create new opportunities for the development and reveal the differences between the sexes (Mill).

The maintenance of female education and emancipation ideas contributes to the overall development of the society. The fact is confirmed by both the Vienna Declaration and the Beijing Conference (“The Situation of Women’s Rights”), which determine the right of everyone to be educated, regardless of gender. At the same time, in the view of different cultural attitudes toward women from various countries, the directives stimulate and promote the intellectual development and equal participation of females in the educational programs. Apparently, this is justified, since it insures their role in the development of the modern world. The promotion of these ideas was based on the results of the social studies all over the world, especially in South Asia, Africa, and the Arab countries. The numerous conventions pay attention to the right to education as well as the development of talents and abilities of children, regardless of gender. These capabilities allow one to erudite women, helping them achieve the greater value in their lives than prescribed by society for them. Therefore, this will create conditions for obtaining a valuable human capital in the face of prospective professionals in the perspective directions of activity.

The trends in the development of science, culture, and sports significantly benefit from the presence of educated women. Taking into account the expansion of the scope of female activities, it is vital that their abandonment of the family ties also occurs through education, forming critical perception of the existing situation. The patriarchal foundations of the society should be changed to the equality of the sexes and insure the equal treatment of both sexes, especially in the context of education.

The development of ideas about the role of a woman in the society contributes to the complete and comprehensive promotion of different areas of activity. In particular, it concerns the sports. In the area of sports, the concept of women and men is not opposed, as their physical differences are not comparable under the same rules in a particular sport. Undoubtedly, there are women who can participate in the same sports as men, but that does not give the sufficient grounds for the creation of competition between women and men. However, feminization of sports draws considerable attention not because of sporting success, but because of sex, the presence in the sports arena simply women, not women-athlete (Minichino). The emergence of women in sports has defined an offshoot of sports regulations and the creation of the sports separate programs, opening the opportunities for females in traditionally male sports. It should be noted that the achievements of women are very high in sports, and this relate to excellent results in all kinds of sports competitions. In addition, even if female competitions are characterized not by the criteria that are close to the male, it represents a significant development of female sports and sports in general.

The cultural and religious differences are the problematic aspect in the promotion of gender equity and feminist ideas. As stated by Kay and Shipman in The Confidence Code, it becomes an obstacle to the development of females. However, the awareness of self-personality, the desire to explore the world and to achieve success, regardless of men or parents, forms the desire of determined people to defend their views. Apparently, such actions not only raise the question of gender equality but also sharpen the need to release the female social roles imposed by the society. The reduction of the female value, viewing them as the ones who only care for the home and children, is a constraint imposed by the society with much more primitive economic warehouse. In the context of the difficult socio-economic circumstances, the female role as a partner significantly enriches and complements the activities of men in all spheres, namely business, politics, sports, and culture, among others. That is why the historical role of women in society should be revised and the barriers should be at least lowered or even eliminated. Thus, the society can achieve the fair treatment of the female gender.

The success of women in business is high. The Confidence Code raises the question of the potential of women in the leading roles in business and the real situations (Kay and Shipman). According to some natural characteristics, women gain much more than men in the business. In fact, this is confirmed by the real success stories of chairwomen in the large companies. Women tend toward intuition, and it is one of the leading characteristics of the business necessary for the implementation of risky trades and activities. Therefore, the successful implementation of the business is dependent on the female’s intuitive decision-making. As the social pressure makes a greater impact on women, they have more trained self-control, since their business has become a challenge to the society based on traditional gender views. Women attach great importance to the values, corporate culture, and emotional connection with employees, so the team cohesion is the key to success. The woman as an entrepreneur knows the value of time and energy, so their usage aims to obtain the decent business benefits. Thus, all of these things motivate a woman to improve performance of her business that explains the success and glory of women of many countries and their high management positions. Moreover, the existing programs for supporting the female business have to inspire and encourage women who want to realize themselves in business.

To summarize, the place and role of women is much more important than it was in the patriarchal society. The reasoning for this idea is the fact that the issues raised by Mill, Kay, and Shipman have been transformed into the current methods to obtain the success for women in the modern society. Feminization in many activities recaptures its right to exist after a long supremacy of men. The development of women along with men is extremely important for the development of the society. Nevertheless, the importance of traditional religious and cultural beliefs remains the obstacle in some countries. Each cultural society should be interested in supporting equal rights between sexes. Thus, it can aid in achieving considerable success in the improvement and harmonization of the world.

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