The Black Man Race

Black Man Race Free Essay Sample


The black man race in the uncivilized United States of America underwent a lot of oppression and tribulation as they were seen as slaves. This happened for very many consecutive years and it was not until the 20th century when the black man race through elite black liberators started enjoying some sense of ownership and freedom.

Message in the Readings by Malcolm and King

From the readings, the main message that the above black liberators are attempting to convey is that the black race in the United States is facing political oppression, economical exploitation and social degradation. They attribute all these tribulations to the white man and they see him as the cause of their suffering. The liberators also convey a very useful message to their audience. They put it clearly that their unity and their realization that they are sailing in the same boat regardless of any of their differences would be of the essence. Malcolm clearly states that he is Muslim and that fact should not deter him or any other black man from working in unity with other Christians as they were fighting a common enemy.

This extraction brings us to the point of realizing that unity is power according to the liberators. King goes straight to request for the ballot with no political oppression. The whites had earlier not included the blacks in any major political decision even though the final decisions affected the blacks. He kind of has confidence that if everything was put to ballot true and fairly, the majority would have their way while the minorities have their say which was democratic and better. It is evident that the two uses gatherings which fellow blacks attend as the method to convey their message. Here they can fully sensitize their fellow blacks as this was the only possible and maybe the simplest way they could use to convey their message.

Historical Events in Context

One of the historical contextual events is a judgment by the Supreme Court which is reportedly to have pleased virtually all Africans as it was against oppression; however it is seen clearly that this event sustained opposition from every corner and some pressures mounted to nullify the judgment. The other event which is put into context by Malcolm is him been one of the 22 million African victim of repatriation when slaves from Africa were shipped to America and that he was not an American by any chance.


The above essay simply talks about the rough conditions the Africans faced in the hands of the Whiteman to the extent of forming movements headed by liberators to counter this oppressive policies. It brings us to the realization that 1964 was one of the most electric years in American history as the blacks had now seen some light at the end of the tunnel.

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