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Terms and Conditions

The Process for Applying for Refunds

  1. You may apply to our writing service for a refund for up to two weeks (14 business days) following the expiration of a deadline. Time restrictions are not applicable to requests concerning plagiarism. However, if your request does relate to plagiarism, we will need a valid report as proof that our writer is at fault.
    Please Note: Accurately formatted quotes that come directly from a source, certain parts of an assignment (e.g., the question parts), tables or lists of contents, and similar do not usually constitute plagiarism. Consequently, is not considered a reliable plagiarism detection system since its reports highlight the exceptions mentioned above. Similarly, handcrafted notes are not hard evidence of plagiarism. However, reports from systems such as Turnitin, WriteCheck and iThenticate are accepted as valid proof of plagiarism.
  2. If you ask us to continue working on a paper you began yourself, you should note that we only run authenticity tests on those parts our writers work on. Therefore, we cannot take the responsibility for plagiarism in any sections you completed.
  3. If you are not completely satisfied with any work we provide, we will investigate your complaint and issue you with a report within four business days. If your claim is found to be genuine, we will refund your money either in part or full.

How We Handle Revisions

  1. You may ask us to revise your paper free-of-charge for up to 2 days (48 hours) after the deadline for that order passes. Once this time passes, you will need to submit a new compensatory order. If your assigned writer is willing to revise your paper at no additional cost, you will not be able to request a refund at a future date.
  2. If your order is a long one, say, 20 pages or even longer you may request a no-cost revision for up to a month (thirty days).
  3. If you change the instructions you provided initially, we cannot offer you a free revision. If you fail to provide crucial materials until an order is completed or until it is in progress, we may ask you to submit a compensatory order.
  4. If you need to use our revision service, you will need to set a new completion deadline when sending your request. If your instructions are particularly complex or we have difficulty reassigning your project, your revisions may take as long as one day to turn around. However, we do our best to revise papers within the timeline you set.
  5. We advise you to watch out for messages from our writers and administration team, which will be sent to your email address or posted to your profile page. There are times when you might somehow neglect to send some critical materials to your writer. However, you are responsible for providing precise instructions and ensuring all required materials are attached, either with your original order or if your assigned writer asks you to clarify anything.
  6. You may also request our revision “extension” service when ordering. This option is available for a mere 30% of the overall cost of your order and it gives you an extended timeframe for revisions i.e. a 14-day period rather than our standard 2-day period. However, please be aware that any revisions you request should match the instructions you provided at the outset. Furthermore, we cannot refund the 30% extension fee if you do not use it.

Refunding Your Money in Full

  1. You will be entitled to have the cost of your order refunded in full if we charge you double by mistake or if you accidentally order the same paper in duplicate form. Should this happen, please contact our support team without delay to cancel any rogue order.
  2. You will be entitled to have the cost of your order refunded in full if we fail to find a writer for your project.
  3. If the cost of your order is refunded in full, you should not use any materials or content already provided to you in respect of that order.

Refunding Your Money in Part

  1. You may be entitled to have the cost of your order refunded in part if you mistakenly order the incorrect amount of pages. Our finance team will calculate the refund amount according to the number of words you actually need.
  2. You may be entitled to have the cost of your order refunded in part –a reduced amount to be calculated by our finance team – if you mistakenly order the wrong level of paper, e.g., an assignment for High School when you actually need University level.
  3. You may be entitled to have the cost of your order refunded in part – a reduced amount to be calculated by our finance team – if the instructions you provide are contradictory. For example, if the description you provide on the order form does not match the materials you upload.
  4. Order cancellation:
Percentage Refund Expired time on deadline
100 percent 10% to 19%
90 percent 20% to 29%
80 percent 30% to 39%
70 percent 40% to 49%
60 percent 50% to 59%
50 percent 60+%

It is important to note that order cancellation is not possible where an originally provided deadline still has 30% remaining and we have allocated a writer. Likewise, cancellations cannot be accommodated where a writer has already written a paper and has uploaded it.

Verifying Orders – Lateness

It is not unusual for our Finance department to verify orders as a means of combatting fraudulent activity online. If you delay in responding to such a request, the countdown towards the deadline will not commence until we hear from you. In such cases, you have two options, which are a) submit a new order if your paper is urgently required or b) ask to have your deadline extended.

All Tips Are Non-Refundable

The payment for custom writing / editing / proofreading / rewriting / formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.

Word and Page Count

  1. Our writing company calculates order size on the basis of 300 words of text per page rather than at a visual level. Technical assignments are excluded from this rule due to their high calculation content. Therefore, these orders are priced on the basis of how complex they are.
  2. Orders for PowerPoint presentations and speaker notes. If speech notes are required, we can provide you with up to 150 words for each PowerPoint slide.
  3. Our writing service can also help create test assignments, which includes online and multi-choice questions. Costs for these are calculated according to how many questions you need and on the assumption that each page contains five questions. Essentially, you should place a four-page order for a twenty-question test.

Deadlines/Early Order Delivery

  1. If you want an order delivered early, you will need to compensate our writing company. In these cases, the price is recalculated and you will be required to complete a new compensation order. If your assigned writer is willing to complete your assignment early at no additional cost, you will not be able to request a refund at a future date
  2. If we deliver your paper late and have not agreed a revised deadline with you, you will be entitled, at the very minimum, to a part refund. The recalculated price will reflect the prices displayed on our site.

All Types of Orders and Services

  1. We ask that you choose the right type of paper or service when ordering. For example, take care not to tick the ‘Research Paper’ box when you actually need an ‘Essay.’ Refunds cannot be considered where we are still awaiting payment.
  2. If you ask us to rewrite a text, we will rephrase or reword it so that it appears original. We will only ask for additional payment if you require anything that could be construed as “from scratch” writing.
  3. We ask that you monitor your email and account area in case of communications from our company. We appreciate your prompt response.