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Independence Day Help Americans To Remember Country's History

Tags: , , July 3, 2017

Independence Day Help Americans to Remember Country’s History

It has been many years since America became an independent country. However, things that usually people do on the Fourth of July remain almost the same. For example, what is associated with Independence Day? I am sure that your answer would be fireworks, different parades as well as cookouts. The main colors haven’t changed too....

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National Easter Traditions in Different Countries

Tags: , , April 14, 2017

National Easter Traditions In Different Countries

During the springtime, there are a lot of holidays in every country all over the world. The most recognized one, however, is Easter. All cultures have mainly the same traditions. Almost in every country, the Easter Bunny – the symbol of the Holiday – brings presents to children. However, some countries have completely different peculiarities,...

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Cheap Ideas for Valentine's Day

Tags: , , , February 14, 2017

Cheap Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Some people think that Valentine’s Day is a super-expensive holiday. Of course, if you have a lot of money, you can spend $20 on chocolates, $50 – on flowers and $100 – on your dinner. But you must know that romantic doesn’t mean expensive. Very often, it is quite the opposite. Try out our budget-friendly...

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What to do on Holidays during Your Winter Break

Tags: , , , December 27, 2016

What to Do on Holidays during Your Winter Break

Exams are finished. If you didn’t get it, one more time – EXAMS ARE FINISHED! And guess what, that’s the best WINTER break of the year! It is the time of merry Christmas happiness and hot cocoa made by your granny. Some students have troubles with this pause between the semesters because they have no...

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