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Tag: brain exercises

Improve your skills and read facial expressions

Tags: , , , January 17, 2017

Reading Facial Expressions

Emotion expression Recent analyses have shown that there are two types of human emotions: universal or basic emotions and individual micro-emotions, which appear in different social and psychological situations. Today we are going to talk about a proper understanding of facial expressions and their importance in daily life. Universal emotions In 1872, Charles Darwin argued...

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Art Effect on Mental Health

Tags: , , , January 13, 2017

How the Arts Affect Your Health

Have you ever noticed any changes in your mood after listening to music, painting, dancing, or writing? For sure, you cannot ignore the appearance of new feelings, such as delight, passion, or excitement. The reason is simple: art influences our emotional state. Many people all over the world derive pleasure from art. It brings them...

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value of reading books

Tags: , , , December 2, 2016

Unquestionable Value of Reading for Everyone

Reading is extremely beneficial. It boosts your creativity, improves your intellectual abilities, increases your understanding of complex problems, and helps you to relax – all at the same time. Unfortunately, today people read less saying that they do not have time for that. In case you also consider it to be a disturbing tendency and...

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Advantages of Playing Chess

Tags: , , November 7, 2016

Chess Benefits to Our Health

Widely known as an intellectual game, chess is definitely one of the best activities to exercise your brain. The game became popular in the 1950s and is still played by different generations in various parts of the world. Although you will not be able to tone your muscles by playing chess, this game gives you...

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