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Tag: boosts creativity

how to improve visual design skills

Tags: , June 9, 2017

Ways to Improve Your Visual Design Skills

Good sense of visual art is congenital, but with some practice, it is possible to learn this art and greatly improve your skills in this field, even not being a born designer. Just like any other skill, this one can be developed by almost anyone. Effective tips on improving visual design skills that will help...

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help others to be happy

Tags: , April 7, 2017

Reasons Why Helping Others Makes Us Happy

Once, a sincere appreciation of a little girl whom I had inspired for further studying made me think over some triggers in life that really make us happy. They are not about being idealistic or too touched; they are among the number of the ways that do make people feel better. Healthy relationships between people...

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Art Effect on Mental Health

Tags: , , , January 13, 2017

How the Arts Affect Your Health

Have you ever noticed any changes in your mood after listening to music, painting, dancing, or writing? For sure, you cannot ignore the appearance of new feelings, such as delight, passion, or excitement. The reason is simple: art influences our emotional state. Many people all over the world derive pleasure from art. It brings them...

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why chocolate is important

Tags: , , , , December 23, 2016

Top 5 Reasons to Eat Chocolate

Some people are completely mad about dark chocolate, but sometimes, they are afraid to eat it because of the health concerns. This article has some great news for chocolate lovers as it uncovers the benefits of dark chocolate and explains why this type of chocolate is actually good for health. The results of the studies...

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