Stones River National Battlefield

Stones River National Battlefield Free Essay

It is always a great experience visiting places of interest, especially where a national event takes place. One gets an opportunity to learn and receive a clear detailed insight in the events of that area. For maximum pleasure, one is required to make prior arrangements so as to ensure he/she has enough time to examine the entire area as well as to learn the best season to visit the site. This essay aims to discuss a visit to the Stones River National Battlefield.

How to Prepare For the Visit

Preparation is essential to any visit and, in this case, the tour to the Stones River National Battlefield should begin with a critical research of the area on the Internet before contacting the management by written letter, email, or fax so as to schedule the visit. This should include availing contact details so that the traditional site management can notify the team of any changes in scheduling (Keith, 2012). The team should prepare to dress regarding the season of the year to feel comfortable. It would also be appropriate for the team to know the rules and regulations at the site so that the information can be communicated to the whole traveling team promptly. The hours of work vary depending on the season, and it would be advisable to know the opening hours of that particular location. It would also be desirable to know the facilities available so as to ensure only the essential things are packed for the visit.

Description of the Stones River National Battlefield Historic Site

Stones River National Battlefield is a reminder of the American Civil War that lasted for three days and led to strategic Union victory (U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service, 2015).It was the Confederate forces that attempted to take control of Murfreesboro area that was agriculturally productive but 24,000 out of 81,000 died, and Confederate forces relented leaving the area for Union forces (U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service, 2015). The site is located to the west of Murfreesboro City in a 650 acres parcel of land. Various view sheds and old features are preserved in their natural conditions and may be explored by bicycle, vehicles, or on foot. There is also a center that houses the research facilities and exhibition area.

What Makes Stones River National Battlefield Historical and Its Most Important Aspects

The reason for Stones River National Battlefield being so historic is its importance to the Tennessee in which its fertile land and its important transport network were secured while strengthening the Union forces. It led to the reinforcement of Emancipation Proclamation which shifted the civil war from fighting to maintaining the union for the attainment of freedom (U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service, 2015). It also contains the Hazen Brigade Monument that was built by the soldiers as a reminder of the brigades’ courage and the losses. Besides, it also has one of the largest earthen fortifications of the war that served as the depot for supplying both the Atlanta and Chattanooga campaigns (Daniel, 2012). It, therefore, serves as an example of earthworks of that period. The place has the first cemetery with federal government approval. This was as a result of the civilian and military concern of perpetuating war casualties. Lastly, the place protects a grade of rare cedar that is only found in Tennessee.

Impressions of Stones River National Battlefield

My impression of Stones River National Battlefield is that this is a critical position in the American Civil War since the Union forces in the area proved that unity was their strength and they could defend their territory. As a result of their victory, the goal of the war shifted from fighting for unity to fighting for freedom. The area earned national respect and recognition for the effort the forces did in fighting for what they believed in (Conard, 2011). I was surprised that the cemetery in the area was the first to have ever been approved by the federal government besides the area being a protected sanctuary for rare plant species like the cedar.

Why I Would Recommend Visiting This Site to a Friend

I would recommend all people to visit the Stones River National Battlefield because it provides enjoying and learning experience. The features of the site are very comfortable and have being built to cater for all individuals regardless of race, gender, or age (Conard, 2011).The atmosphere is conducive for all weathers with nice sceneries that offer beautiful moments for relaxation. It is the place where someone would learn the history of the American Civil War in details as well as understand the finer features of those who were involved in the war.

Reasons Why This Site Should Continue to Be Preserved For Future Generations

The site should be maintained for the future generation for its unique history and environment. It is always important for every generation to understand its history and, in this case, the American’s next generation will be in a position to get the answers to the happenings before them. It also represents the unity and the strength of the entire country since the events of the war led to decisions of national status such as the Emancipation Proclamation. It will also give a sense of prestige to those who will grow in Tennessee.


Conclusively, Stones River National Battlefield is a great site that all the individual should be advised to travel to since it brings many historical events of the American Civil War into perspective. The significance of the site as a national symbol of unity consists in the fact that it led to some of the national decision makings like the Emancipation Proclamation. It also gives a rare view of plants found only in this area such as the rare cedar.

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