The Road to War

The Road to War Free Essay

Since war is an ultimate tool of policy-making, it is usually caused by the failures of governments to avoid or resolve conflicts. This paper discusses three failures by the government of Great Britain that led to the American Revolutionary War.

British colonies in America were not entitled to the same rights as other subjects of the empire. However, they had a developed economy and a strong feeling of national identification as Americans. Instead of the liberalization of the regime, the British government made three mistakes. The meaning and outcomes of these events, namely the Stamp Act of 1765, the Townshend Acts of 1767, and the Tea Act of 1773, led to the Revolutionary War (“American Revolution History”).

The Stamp Act was among the first cases when the British government violated its own laws. The act made the population of the American colonies pay taxes on all paper documents, while the laws stated that only the representative assemblies had power to tax Americans (“Stamp Act”). Consequently, the actions of the British government raised the spirit of revolution in the American colonies.

Further, the Townshend Acts of 1767 increased taxes on the salaries of government officials and caused protests among Americans. During one of them, known as the Boston Massacre, five innocent American protesters were killed (“Boston Massacre”). Thus, this event reinforced the spirit of protest in America.

Finally, the Tea Act led to the reduction of the value of tea. One cannot recognize the true meaning of this event without paying attention to its direct outcome – the Boston Tea Party – which was the boiling point in the relations between the British government and its American colonies (“Tea Act”). As a result, it was one of the events that led to war.

In conclusion, war is rarely caused by accidental events. The three events mentioned in the paper, which show the inability of the British government to control the situation and avoid a conflict, led to the American Revolutionary War.

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