Reasons Why Helping Others Makes Us Happy

Once, a sincere appreciation of a little girl whom I had inspired for further studying made me think over some triggers in life that really make us happy. They are not about being idealistic or too touched; they are among the number of the ways that do make people feel better. Healthy relationships between people move the Earth around, so everyone should be aware why it is great to do good things to one another and live a better life.

Reasons to help people

Science of happiness

Boosting your happiness directly depends on the way you influence other people. Everyone wants to be meaningful and changing the lives of other people by helping them is one of those motivators that make everyone feel better. A number of studies have proven that happiness level increases with volunteering and charity. Meanwhile, scientists discovered that most children become happier when they give away sweets, not when they receive them. This state is called “helper’s high” and is the state of euphoria that is caused by the endorphins release, which makes your mood better and raises your self-esteem.

Better and closer connection to other people

People helping people is a usual way of positive interaction between humans. Once you experience positive communication with other people by helping them, you get a stronger and lasting connection.

Helping others helps to reduce stress

When you are being generous and helpful to others, you take your own stresses better and are less exposed to depression and negative influences of life. Moreover, helping people in their situations helps us stay in a good moral shape by remembering the challenges of life that anyone can encounter.

Career benefits

If you are working in the field where many people and aid are involved, helping people will do you good. You will get the experience of interacting with various people and character types. Moreover, if your job is not bound with direct communication and aid to people, helping them will make you a better employee. When you are happy at work, you are more productive.

You’ll be healthier

Helping others will not only help you to live a meaningful life, but will also make you healthier. You will get less depression, the risk of death will be a little lower, you’ll have better mental health.

Sense of life

There is a strong connection between helping people and gaining the sense of life. When you help people, you create small parts of their future, and since you are connected with them, then it means that you are involved into creation of your own well-being. Helpfulness refers to one of the basic needs of human beings.